Over-Pressure Relief Valve (User Adjustable)

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The over pressure relief valve (OPV) screws into any available first stage low pressure port and provides protection from first stage failure.

Over-Pressure Relief Valve (User Adjustable)

Over-Pressure Relief Valve (User Adjustable)
Over-Pressure Relief Valve (User Adjustable)
  • Install into 3/8" LP port and provides protection from first stage failure
  • Factory set to 180 PSI rating but user adjustable with a 3mm hex wrench
  • Adjust to a minimum setting of 90 PSI to maximum setting of 240 PSI
  • Disposable safety product intended for limited use only
  • This is NOT an exact or precision calibrated device

The First Stage Overpressure Relief Valve screws into any first stage 3/8-inch low pressure port. They are factory set to 180 PSI rating but that can and will change over time and with travel and shipping. For this reason the OPV is User adjustable, with a 3mm Allen (HEX Head)wrench, and has a minimum setting of about 90 psi and a max setting of 240 psi.

To provide better drysuit insulation than their back gas breathing mixture would, divers sometimes carry a small pony containing argon or air with just a first stage regulator and a low pressure drysuit inflator hose. However, on dedicated drysuit inflation systems there is no regulator second stage to provide relief should the high pressure seat fail. Without a way to relieve the pressure, the drysuit could begin inflating rapidly or the low pressure hose could rupture. The over-pressure relief valve provides the same fail-safe function as a normal regulator second stage.

This is also a common item that is added to older Poseidon regulators that do not have the built in OPV at the base of the first stage..thus allowing them to use current standard hoses(not a specific Poseidon hose with an OPV built into the hose itself.

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Customer Reviews

Why we are ashamed to sell these...

These little generic version 1st stage regulator low-pressure over pressure relief valves (OPV) just do not live up to expectations. They are more of a "consumable" than a permanent device, in that they wear out. After a while they start to leak, a tiny dribble but they will leak eventually... and the deeper you go the more likely they will leak because their depth compensation is weak. When they start dribbling, just replace them because they can't be repaired. Best practice would be periodic replacement when you service the regulator. Seriously, they are c**p and instead we suggest you consider the branded Highland Rebuildable OPV.

So why DO we sell the generic version? Because they are widely used in the dive industry, plus we can't find a better quality value priced alternative. We sell them at what they are worth, which is not much, so at least we are not ripping you off and you can afford to buy several for replacement as required.