Compact IP Gauge (PSI and BAR)

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A compact intermediate pressure (IP) gauge for SCUBA applications

Compact IP Gauge (PSI and BAR)

Dual-Scale Compact IP Gauge
Dual-Scale Compact IP Gauge Side View
  • IP Gauge with both PSI and BAR
  • {1.5 in} diameter ultra-lightweight
  • Plugs into any standard BC low pressure inflator hose
  • Brass mechanism with chrome plated brass nipple

The compact {1.5 in | 3.8 cm } diameter ultra-lightweight dual-scale (PSI and BAR*) intermediate pressure gauge is ready to go with you anywhere. Perfect for helping diagnose problems in the field, it plugs into any standard BC low pressure inflator hose. Brass mechanism inside a plastic body with a chrome plated brass nipple with graduated scales in imperial (10 psi increments) and metric units (0.5 kg/cm2 increments). Dimensions { 1.75 x 3.5 in | 4.45 x 8.9 cm } and weight { 2.6 oz | 7 gm }

*Note: 1 KG cm2 = .980665 BAR

KG/cm2 Kilogram Force per square centimeter

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