Faber LP-50 Cylinder - Grey

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The low-pressure 50 cubic foot steel cylinder is manufactured in Italy by Faber with a hot-zinc spray coating that is further protected with epoxy paint.

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Questions? Cylinder FAQ and Valve FAQ

Faber LP-50 Cylinder - Grey

Faber LP-50 Triple Protected Galvanized Cylinder
Faber LP-50 Triple Protected Galvanized Cylinder Nitrox Ready Valve, O2 Valve Upgrade and No Valve / No VIP Options Premium Valve Options Premium O2 Valve Options Faber Industrie SpA - Faber Cylinders www.faber-italy.com How We Pack a Cylinder for Shipment
  • Compact and lightweight Low Pressure steel cylinder
  • Hot-zinc spray coating protected with epoxy paint (Grey color)
  • Nitrox Ready with a 2640 psi service pressure
  • Has phosphatized internal surface to create a corrosion resistant barrier
  • Diameter of {5.51 in | 13.9 cm} and height of {25.2 in | 64 cm}

The Faber LP-Series SCUBA Cylinders are manufactured using deep-drawn chrome molybdenum steel resulting in a light weight cylinder with excellent buoyancy characteristics. Manufactured in Italy by Faber Industrie S.p.A., this 2640 PSI service pressure cylinder is imported for the North American market in an environmentally friendly hot-zinc spray coating that is protected with epoxy paint. The inside of Faber cylinders also feature a unique phosphatized hardening treatment to create a corrosion resistant internal surface. With a diameter of {5.51 in | 13.9 cm} and a height of {25.2 in | 64 cm} this is a compact steel cylinder with a wide variety of uses.

Dive Gear Express ships your Nitrox Ready cylinder with the valve installed (domestic ground US only). Unless you select no valve, the valve included in our price is a very high quality DGX Premium Pro Valve in your choice of design, plus a DIN/K insert to make the valve suitable for use with both DIN or Yoke regulator fittings. The cylinders ordered with valves have a current month Nitrox Ready decal. An optional vinyl tank boot is available.

Our "DGX Complete" Setup Includes:

  • Nitrox Ready Faber LP Hot Spray Galvanized Steel Cylinder
  • DGX Premium Pro Valve in choice of design and configuration
  • DIN/K Insert for use with Yoke regulator fittings
  • Spare O-ring for valve face
  • Valve Protector Cap
  • Current Nitrox Ready Decal †

† Our shop evidence of inspection 3" X 6" dated decal (aka "VIP sticker") states "this cylinder and valve are suitable for service with compressed gases containing greater than 23.5% oxygen." That means the cylinder and valve, prior to initial use, are oxygen clean and oxygen compatible. If you plan to use this cylinder with gases containing more than 40% oxygen then the upgrade to our DGX Premium Oxygen Valve is suggested. If you select the No Valve / No VIP option, then the VIP decal is NOT included. The standard DGX valves included with this cylinder package include 5250 psi pressure relief devices (aka "burst disks") suitable for service pressures up to 3500 psi. If you would prefer a different pressure rating please make a note in the Special Instructions dialog box at checkout.

Questions? Cylinder FAQ and Valve FAQ

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Weight 24.000000
Brand Faber
Tek Tip Warning Image WARNING

We'll be frank and tell you that the vinyl tank boot available for this tank is just not very good. It's unstable and we recommend avoiding standing this tank up whenever possible. Worse, it does not drain well, giving this boot a reputation for causing external corrosion under the boot due to retaining moisture, especially when exposed to saltwater. Unfortunately it's the only boot available that will fit this diameter tank.

Tank boots on steel cylinders are necessary because steel cylinders always have a round bottom and won't stand up without them. Since the most popular applications for this cylinder are sidemount and doubles configurations where the boot is normally absent, many divers just leave this boot off and deal with the fact the tank cannot stand up on it's own. If you must have a boot on this tank, the moment you get home from the dive knock the boot off then rinse the tank and boot in fresh water. Leave the boot off until everything is dry, then replace the boot and store the tank well secured standing upright until the next time to go diving.

Steel Specialty Cylinders by Faber

Features of All Steel Cylinders by Faber

  • Hot zinc spray galvanized w/epoxy paint OR Hot dipped external galvanization
  • LP Series have U.S. DOT-3AA and Canadian TC-3AAM markings
  • FX Series have U.S. DOT-SP13488 and Canadian TC-SU7694 markings
  • 0.750-14 NPSM (3/4 NPS) threaded neck opening
  • Cylinder and valve are Nitrox Ready

How to Select a SCUBA Tank

Our factual but easy-to-read article helps you make this big decision by giving you information on:

  • Aluminum tanks versus steel tanks
  • Low-pressure tanks versus high-pressure tanks
  • Tank paints, coatings, and finishes
  • Tank dimensions and capacity recommendations

Click Here to read How to Select a SCUBA Tank.

SCUBA Tanks must be hydrostatically tested every five years (60 months). We always ship Faber cylinders with a current hydro test date. Due to manufacturing and import cycles, the popular sizes of Faber cylinders typically have a factory hydro date less than 12 months old. However less popular sizes of Faber cylinders may have a factory hydro date up to 24 months old as these are manufactured and imported less frequently.

Our cylinders and valves are Imperial 3/4 NPS neck threads, NOT Metric M25 neck threads, and the valves have overpressure relief devices. The cylinders have US DOT and Canadian CTC markings suitable for use only in North America. Our cylinders and valves are NOT CE approved and NOT suitable for use in the European Union.

Steel Specialty Cylinders by Faber

Cylinder Pressure
(psi @ 70°F)
True Air †
Capacity (ft3)
Height *
Weight *
Buoyancy **
Full : Empty (pounds)
FX-15 (Faber 2L) 3442 ≈ 15.7 14.17 3.94 6.6 -2.42  :  -1.21
FX-23 (Faber 3L) 3442 ≈ 23.5 19.50 3.94 8.6 -2.64  :  -0.66
LP-27 (Faber 4L) 2640 ≈ 25.0 14.43 5.46 11.7 -2.95  :  -1.07
LP-50 (Faber 7.8L) 2640 ≈ 48.7 25.2 5.51 18.9 -2.43  :  1.24
LP-85 (Faber 13) 2640 ≈ 81.1 25.98 7.01 31.2 -3.80  :   2.32
* Height and weight is for cylinder only, i.e. less valve.
** Buoyancy is for cylinder and valve in seawater.
Specifications are NOMINAL and supplied by Kaplan Industries as of 2018.

†  Visit Calculating SCUBA Cylinder Free Gas Capacities for more information about True Capacity values.

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