BC Packages

BCD packages customized to your specifications using the latest components from DGX, Dive Rite, and OMS.

Types of Back Inflation BC Systems

Compared with the typical 'jacket style' BC, the harness with back inflation style BC systems offer precise control of buoyancy and trim as well as having a very streamlined profile with the entire front of the diver being clean. Although there is a lot of crossover of features, back inflation buoyancy control systems offered by Dive Gear Express can be roughly divided into four types:

  • Webbing Harnesses and Wings with Rigid Metal Backplates - Highly modular, these systems allow you to choose your type of harness, type of plate, and type of wing (aircell) to build a configuration uniquely suited to your needs and style of diving. The harnesses are available in Basic and Deluxe styles. The Basic harness is made from a single piece of continuous webbing. The Deluxe harness incorporates a chest strap and shoulder-strap pivot rings that increase comfort. Some manufacturers have introduced versions of the deluxe harness that allow for quick release and/or rapid cinch adjustments to length. The Hogarthian harness, sometimes called the 'DIR' harness, is a version of the continuous webbing harness with some specific refinements for a minimalist approach to dive gear configuration.
  • Adjustable Harnesses and Wings with Soft Backpacks - Although there are padding options available for metal plates, some divers still find the rigid backplate and simple webbing harness systems uncomfortable. The soft backpack design is more comfortable yet still a modular system of harness and backplate with a separate wing, however the backplate is made from flexible high-tech material that incorporates lumbar support together with ergonomic adjustable shoulder straps.
  • BC Systems for Travel - These are typically non-modular designs focused on minimizing size and weight while still offering some of the benefits of a technical diving back inflation BCD. They are increasingly finding acceptance for all sport diving because entry level divers seeking back inflation BC systems appreciate their value price.
  • BC Systems for Sidemount - These designs are highly specialized systems originally intended for use in very confined spaces like caves. Sidemount harnesses are gaining more widespread use as individuals who had to shy away from performing dives that required heavy backmount tanks, such as divers with small stature or back problems, are now able to comfortably perform their dives due to the ease of managing sidemount configurations