Dive Alert Yellow/Orange Combo Surface Marking Tube w/Pocket { 5.4 ft | 1.6 m }

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Dive Alert Surface Marking Tube - One Side Orange, One Side Yellow { 5.4 ft | 1.6 m }
Finger spool, strobe and slate shown in pocket photos are examples of usage, and are not included.

Dive Alert Yellow/Orange Combo Surface Marking Tube w/Pocket { 5.4 ft | 1.6 m }

Yellow/Orange Color Combo
Yellow/Orange Color Combo Approximate Measurements of Deflated Bag Pocket at Base w/ Finger Spool Pocket w/ Strobe and Slate
  • Both Orange and Yellow for maximum visibility
  • Offers three methods of inflation - Oral, BC, Regulator
  • { 5.4 ft | 1.6 m } long by { 8 in | 20 cm } wide
  • Top strap provides attachment point for a strobe
  • Includes additional pocket at the base for small items

The Dive Alert™ Yellow/Orange Combo SMT is { 5.4 ft | 1.6 m } by { 8 in | 20 cm } and includes a pocket at the base of the tube to store small items such as a finger spool, slate, marking light or strobe. The pocket may also be used to add a lead block weight for more stability in rough water. The nylon strap at the top provides an attachment point for a light or slate and two strips of reflective tape across the top significantly increase visibility. Constructed of durable 400 denier polyurethane coated nylon material in high visibility orange on one side and yellow on the opposite side and including two hook and loop straps to retain a tidy compact roll for storage.

The semi-closed design is a hybrid of open and closed types that can be used two different ways:

  • The tube is open at the bottom and incorporates a funnel-shaped (aka 'duck-bill') internal baffle that allows the tube to be inflated as usual with a regulator second stage at depth, but prevents the tube from unintentionally deflating should it fall over while on the surface.
  • The tube also has a non-locking oral/power inflator that allows the tube to be inflated at the surface or at depth. Perfect for rebreather divers, using the oral/power inflator with the low pressure hose on a bailout bottle makes inflation manageable without the use of diluent gas.

The hybrid marking tube includes a compact over pressure valve (OPV) to allow excess gas to vent during ascent and a pull dump to deflate the bag before boarding the boat or when being rolled up for storage.

NOTE: The hybrid marking bag is not fully closed by design and if you inflate it when dry (i.e. at home, to 'test' it), you will discover gas slowly leaks out through the bottom baffle. This does not cause a problem in actual in-water use, where the water will cause the baffle to seal. Although a marking tube should not be used as a lift bag, for emergency purposes a fully inflated tube may be considered to have approximately { 13 lb | 6 kg } of lift when completely submerged.

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Tek Tip Warning Image WARNING

This device includes a non-locking hose quick-connect that supports easy and rapid power-inflation at the surface using the standard quick-disconnect low-pressure BC inflator hose. However, there are some safety concerns using that mode for deployment while at depth. Disconnecting the inflator hose from your BC at depth could compromise your buoyancy control in an emergency. Although the inflation connector on the device is non-locking, there is a possibility connectors could jam and fail to easily separate if the connectors are not clean and well maintained. As with any such bag, it is also possible to create enough lift such that it could begin to drag you to the surface if there is any delay in release and the rapid power-inflation feature can reduce the time available before release.

For deployment at depth we suggest using an alternate low-pressure quick-disconnect inflator hose mounted on a stage or bailout bottle, rather than the primary BC inflator hose, for power inflation of this device. If this is your first experience with power-inflation SMT or lift bag deployment at depth, first practice this type of deployment under controlled conditions.


What Color is Your Parachute Bag?

Studies done in the transportation sector prove the best color for high visibility worker clothing is fluorescent safety orange because that color is the most visible from the greatest distance. A fluorescent yellow-green color, while not as visible at distance, offers better night visibility and is also a better choice for signage because it provides more contrast for lettering.

Some groups of divers have informally assigned meaning to bag color. Shooting an orange bag or marker is supposed to indicate a normal situation to surface support. The appearance of a yellow color may mean that the diver has an abnormal situation and requires assistance from the surface. However, there is no color standard along with considerable confusion about color.

Our recommendations: If visibility is most important, then orange is proven by far to be the best color choice for distance visibility during daylight hours. Choose yellow for night visibility, or for a day and night compromise we offer a marking tube that is yellow on one side and orange on the other. We respectfully suggest reconsidering any dive plan which depends on the color of a bag to signal for help.