DGX Custom - DGX Gears Stainless Steel Finger Spools

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These premium quality Stainless Steel Finger Spools, loaded with custom Hi-Viz Orange, Yellow or Ultra White Dacron Line, are available in your choice of four different widths.

Line length is approximate.

DGX Custom - DGX Gears Stainless Steel Finger Spools

Various Size and Color Options
Various Size and Color Options Approximate Line Measurements Bolt Snap Options Blaze Orange Line Option Chartreuse Line Option Ultra White Line Option
  • Quality stainless steel material with smooth edges
  • Choose from 4 different widths for your specific needs
  • Loaded with custom Hi-Viz Orange, Yellow or Ultra White Dacron Line
  • Includes premium 316-series stainless steel double-eye bolt snap
  • All spools have {3.0 in | 7.5 cm} diameter with {1.0 in | 2.5 cm} center hole

Forming finger spools from stainless steel offers durability, of course, but also allows greater freedom in design that yields the most compact form factor possible for a given amount of line. Stainless almost doubles the capacity with a thinner profile and more perimeter holes closer to the edge. Both plastic and stainless are low weight but the typical plastic spool is almost too light and the stainless has a better feel in your hand.

These premium quality Stainless Steel Finger Spools are available in your choice of four different widths. All these stainless spools are {3.0 in | 7.5 cm} in diameter with a {1.0 in | 2.5 cm} center hole and made from a 16 gauge 304L stainless steel, TIG welded, polished and passivated for a long corrosion free life. Note that these premium stainless steel spools have smooth rounded finger holes that won't snag/cut fingers or gloves during deployment. Also, choose from three sizes of premium quality heavy duty 316-series stainless steel double eye bolt snaps: Large (the most popular, easiest to use), Small (offers minimal 'dangle'), Medium (a good compromise).


Size Hi-Viz Line Width†
Small 80 ft | 24 m 0.9 in | 23 mm
Medium 125 ft | 38 m 1.0 in | 25 mm
Large 175 ft | 53 m 1.6 in | 41 mm
X-Large 250 ft | 76 m 2.2 in | 56 mm
† All are { 3.0 in | 7.5 cm } in diameter, with { 1.0 in | 2.5 cm} center hole.
All dimensions are approximate.

The Dive Gear Express Hi-Viz Line is a braided polyester (aka Dacron) material that costs a bit more than generic nylon, but this abrasion resistant high tenacity line has slightly negative buoyancy, resists kinking, and has minimal stretch. Our Hi-Viz line is stronger than #36 nylon line, yet is flat, so you can load extra on the reel. White nylon line is difficult to see in open water, but Hi-Viz Line stands out like neon, allowing easier line management with nearby divers. Choose Hi-Viz Orange for maximum visibility in well lighted conditions, choose Hi-Viz Ultra White for absolute maximum contrast in very low-light conditions. In our opinion, your best compromise choice for all conditions is the Hi-Viz Chartreuse yellow-green color. The durable color of the line also remains vibrant over time, unlike the "wash-out" fading typical of ordinary dyed nylon cave line.

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Verified Buyer
Fantastic Value
Apr 20, 2020
These stainless steel finger spools are a dramatically better value than any alternative that I have seen. There is no comparison to the plastic spools out there and the provided line is also superior to what others are selling. I won't purchase anything else. Incredible value.
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Verified Buyer
Not just an affordable SS spool
Nov 18, 2019
It’s no secret DGX brand products have great bang for the buck, but these little stainless steel finger spools take that to another level. For starters you’ve probably already figured out that NOBODY is manufacturing and selling a stainless spool at these prices. Additionally you’ve probably looked at a spool and thought to yourself “How can these possibly be so expensive!” Well DGX solves that. The quality of the spool is top notch, all edges are rounded and deburred. Spool is round and symmetrical. Locking holes on the side are appropriately sized and located (major problem with Chinese plastic knock offs). Additionally the line they include with the spool is in a league of its own! As the description says: stronger than #36 and smaller #24 if you choose the DGX Dacron line. I’ve tested it against some OMS #36 line and the DGX Dacron is indeed slightly stronger (though both were plenty strong) the big advantage was the size once on the spool. Best yet is this spool was clearly created by divers! You won’t receive an over packed spool that needs line stripped off so that you can actually use the locking holes on the sides of the spool. Even the biggest double Ender bolt snap will happily hook into the full spool after multiple soaks and sloppy retrieval’s. I haven’t parked any doubles on the spool yet but it will happen and I’m confident this little burly bastard won’t flinch. Sucks that I want to get rid of all of my other spools now.
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Verified Buyer
This thing is totally spool....I mean cool.
Aug 13, 2019
More excellent kit at an excellent price. Why the four stars? I might be doing something wrong but the shape of the line seems to induce a lot of twists when reeling it back in. I reel in holding the double ender extended as a guide and then take up the slack using my spool hand. Regardless, the line is high quality, very visible and the medium spool provides just the right amount of line (24m) for deployment at a 21m stop for gas switch.
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Verified Buyer
Great Spool
Sep 17, 2018
This is an excellent value. No need to remove line to use the bolt snap like other spools. I use this with my SMB and have zero complaints.
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Verified Buyer
DGX Finger Spool
Jul 1, 2018
Great product, good value, fast shipping. Great Hi-Vis orange line.
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Verified Buyer
Excellent product
Feb 5, 2017
Excellent product
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Verified Buyer
DGX Finger Spool
Jan 5, 2017
The DGX Finger Spool is a thing of beauty. I purchased the small spool as a means of deploying an SMB. The spool is built to last, and the tapered edges of the the center hole allow line to flow off the spool with no rough edges to cut into wrinkled fingers (no gloves on Bonaire).
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StainLESS does not mean StainPROOF

A common misconception among divers is that stainless steel does not corrode at all. There are various types of stainless steel, each with different corrosion properties, that make a specific grade more or less suited to a particular application. Because there is no perfect stainless steel, the selection of the grade is often a compromise between corrosion resistance and malleability. Stainless grades selected because they hold a sharp cutting edge will corrode relatively fast compared to other grades. The most corrosion resistant grades are not usually a good choice for bolt snaps and hand tools because depending on the use application they may not offer the best wear resistance or may be too brittle.

Stainless steel can be treated to form a chromium oxide protective layer on the surface of stainless steel using a chemical immersion process that will also simultaneously remove any free iron from the surface. This process, known as passivation, is routinely applied to marine grade stainless steel products used in diving. The resulting clear, almost invisible, layer of chromium oxide prevents corrosion by stopping oxygen from reaching the underlying metal. This allows it to withstand damage from corrosives including many acids, bases, and detergents, as well as salt water. However, depending on environmental conditions you may notice some surface 'stains' that can form on various stainless items. In general these are cosmetic in nature and we recommend you allow the cosmetic stains to remain when practical. Using an abrasive is likely to remove the invisible corrosion resistant film, allowing corrosion to spread and ultimately making the corrosion worse.

StainLESS does not mean StainPROOF and all diving products made of stainless steel must receive some basic care to help minimize corrosion. Rinse any stainless steel components in dive equipment with fresh water after diving or when otherwise in contact with salt water, allow them to dry and do not store them in damp or moist environments. Make sure any storage sheath or pouch is also rinsed and allowed to dry before returning the stainless item to the pouch. When rinsing bolt snaps, be sure to work the bolt action several times to eject any saltwater trapped in the slider and spring mechanism. In particular, avoid storing stainless steel near or in contact with other metals having strongly dissimilar electropotentials, especially aluminum, such that moisture can induce galvanic corrosion. In cases of galvanic corrosion where the stainless item is in close proximity to some types of metals, rust or other color stains will electrolytically transfer to the surface of the stainless item.

Click on the graphic to see a table of some stainless grades and their properties

Properties of Stainless Steel
  • Hardness - As hardness increases, metals become more wear resistant but they may be less malleable. Some types of stainless steel harden by cold working, and others can be heat treated. The 300 series hardens by cold working, many in the 400 series can be hardened by heat treating.
  • Formability - Stainless steel is generally formable and bendable, but types that harden by cold working can require more force to bend than carbon steel.
  • Machinability - During machining, stainless steel can become gummy and stick to cutting tools, making it typically more difficult to machine than steel.
  • Weldability - Take care to clean stainless steel before and after welding operations. Contaminants, such as lubricants and particles from grinding tools, will reduce corrosion resistance at welded points.
  • Finish - Stainless steel does not always have a shiny finish. In fact, stainless steel is available in a number of finishes, ranging from an unpolished, dull surface to a reflective mirror-like shine.