Dive Alert Orange Surface Marking Tube { 5.4 ft | 1.6 m }

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The Dive Alert Orange Surface Marking Tube is { 5.4 ft | 1.6 m } long by { 8 in | 20 cm } wide and is inflated on the surface or at depth with your second stage regulator.

Dive Alert Orange Surface Marking Tube { 5.4 ft | 1.6 m }

Orange Surface Marking Tube
Orange Surface Marking Tube Approximate Measurements of Deflated Bag
  • Inflate the SMT on the surface or at depth
  • { 5.4 ft | 1.6 m } long by { 8 in | 20 cm } wide
  • Over pressure valve (OPV) prevents over-inflation
  • Baffle prevents air from releasing at the surface
  • Top strap provides an attachment point for a strobe

The value priced Dive Alert™ Orange SMT is { 5.4 ft | 1.6 m } by { 8 in | 20 cm } and inflated with your second stage regulator. The nylon strap at the top provides an attachment point for a light or slate and two strips of reflective tape across the top significantly increase visibility. Constructed of durable 400 denier polyurethane coated nylon material in high visibility orange on both sides and including two hook and loop straps at the bottom to retain a tidy compact roll for storage.

The semi-closed design is a hybrid of open and closed types that is open at the bottom and incorporates an funnel-shaped (aka 'duck-bill') internal baffle that allows the tube to be inflated as usual with a regulator second stage at depth, but prevents the tube from unintentionally deflating should it fall over while on the surface. The hybrid marking tube includes an over pressure valve (OPV) to allow excess gas to vent during ascent and a pull dump to deflate the bag before boarding the boat or when being rolled up for storage.

NOTE: The hybrid SMT is not fully closed by design and if you inflate it when dry (i.e. at home, to 'test' it), you will discover gas slowly leaks out through the bottom baffle. This does not cause a problem in actual in-water use, where the water will cause the baffle to seal. Although a marking tube should not be used as a lift bag, for emergency purposes a fully inflated tube may be considered to have approximately { 13 lb | 6 kg } of lift when completely submerged.

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Brand DiveAlert
Weight 0.600000

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Verified Buyer
Great surface marking boy
May 15, 2018
I don’t usually use a service marker here in California either off the beach or in the kelp beds at the Channel Islands. But I did take this out on a beach dive and used it from 20 feet. I added a s/s snap link to it so that I could clip it to my plate. I found by loosening the Velcro strap I could easily unroll and fill it with ease and let it deployed to the surface. I tried this six times and never had one problem with it, I’m really glad that it’s longer than 3 feet like so many I see. I’m leaving at the end of this month for a month in the Philippines and will be diving in areas known for their strong currents. I’m looking forward to having a surface marker buoy that sticks out of the water higher and is also a little wider than most others I would highly recommend this marker to other divers .
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Verified Buyer
My opinion
Mar 2, 2018
Very good, I recommend
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Verified Buyer
A better SMB from Dive Alert: looking forward to using it
Feb 17, 2018
We saw this SMB from Dive Alert being used on a recent dive trip (by the crew of the Nautilus Belle Amie) and decided to replace our current ones with this one. I like the opening where the regulator is placed, the length, and the sleeker design. I look forward to the peace of mind I'll have by having this with me on future trips.
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Verified Buyer
Very visible surface marker
Dec 26, 2017
Although a bit larger than I wanted, this SMB rolls up tight and fits nicely in my pocket. When inflated properly it is remarkably visible from boat traffic and mostly from the captain of your boat! Heavily built and strongly stitched . Unlike other smb’s this one has a convenient handle on top that makes it easy for the crew to grab and swing back in the boat. If you need to be seen on the ocean, this is the one. As always, wash it after each dive.
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Verified Buyer
Very Happy with the Dive Alert SMB
Aug 10, 2017
Very happy with my Dive Alert Surface Marking Buoy... it is the perfect size and extremely visible in the water. I have been using this SMB for several months now.
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Verified Buyer
It's ok
Oct 10, 2015
I'm disappointed because that it doesn't have a way to orally inflate it and it can only be inflated from the bottom with an octo
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Verified Buyer
Surface marking buoyancy
Aug 6, 2015
recreational surface marking wide size may be 5 in or 6 in is ok 8 in feel too big . This recommend just for recreational situation.
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What Color is Your Parachute Bag?

Studies done in the transportation sector prove the best color for high visibility worker clothing is fluorescent safety orange because that color is the most visible from the greatest distance. A fluorescent yellow-green color, while not as visible at distance, offers better night visibility and is also a better choice for signage because it provides more contrast for lettering.

Some groups of divers have informally assigned meaning to bag color. Shooting an orange bag or marker is supposed to indicate a normal situation to surface support. The appearance of a yellow color may mean that the diver has an abnormal situation and requires assistance from the surface. However, there is no color standard along with considerable confusion about color.

Our recommendations: If visibility is most important, then orange is proven by far to be the best color choice for distance visibility during daylight hours. Choose yellow for night visibility, or for a day and night compromise we offer a marking tube that is yellow on one side and orange on the other. We respectfully suggest reconsidering any dive plan which depends on the color of a bag to signal for help.