DGX Custom - OMS SmartStream Harness Singles Package

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A complete, custom-configured backplate and wing package built around the OMS SmartStream Harness system.

DGX Custom - OMS SmartStream Harness Singles Package

Al Harness & Backplate with Black Mono 27 lb Wing
Al Harness & Backplate with Black Mono 27 lb Wing S/S Harness & Backplate with Red/Black Mono 32 lb Wing
  • Excellent single tank package for any diving environment
  • Stainless Steel harness hardware and choice of aluminum or stainless steel backplate
  • Select wing color and either { 27 lb | 12 kg } OR {32 lb | 15 kg } lift
  • Includes OMS { 2 in | 5.1 cm } nylon crotch strap
  • Add optional trim or ballast weight pocket system

This package offers an excellent single tank diving package appropriate for any diving environment.

The OMS SmartStream is a traditional Nylon webbing harness on a metal (select Aluminum or Stainless Steel) backplate.

This Harness system comes with a metal backplate, (2) chest mounted D-rings, (2) waist strap D-rings, and a 2" wide nylon crotch strap with (2) D-rings, and a metal waist buckle.

The OMS SmartStream harness is the one size fits all system.

Select the wing you prefer with the lift capacity that is appropriate for the diving environment and the amount of ballast weight you wear.

Select the optional weight pockets you require based on the amount of ballast weight you wear.

Package Includes:

  • Harness: OMS SmartStream Harness with Stainless Steel hardware, includes OMS { 2 in | 5.1 cm } crotch strap
  • Select Backplate material: Aluminum or Stainless Steel
  • Aircell: Your choice of Performance Mono Wing (select color and { 27 lb |12 kg } or { 32 lb |15 kg } lift)
  • Cam Straps: DGX Tank Straps (Qty 2) w/ stainless steel cam buckles
  • Optional Weight pockets: OMS Trim { 8 lb | 3.6 kg } OR Ballast { 12 lb | 5.4 kg } system

When you order this package, please keep in mind that this harness does NOT come assembled to the backplate for you, as your personal sizing for the harness must be done during assembly. The aircell and pockets will also be separate for shipping but are easily attached once you are ready to dive. All of the OMS components are the most current factory fresh versions from OMS.

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