DGX Custom - Faber HP Doubles Packages

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A complete Nitrox-Ready doubles package consisting of: two cylinders, premium quality manifold with isolator, premium quality bands and bolts, left and right manifold port plugs, plus tank boots.

Prices for double cylinder and manifold packages do NOT include free shipping.

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DGX Custom - Faber HP Doubles Packages

Faber HP Cylinder Size Comparison
Faber HP Cylinder Size Comparison Manifold Options Appropriate Size Tank Boot Is Included Sample VIP Faber Cylinders for scuba diving - divefaber.com How We Pack a Cylinder for Shipment
  • A complete back-mount doubles cylinder package
  • Includes Nitrox Ready cylinders and valve
  • Unpainted Hot Dipped Galvanized Finish for durability (Silver)
  • Includes tank boots and valve plugs

A complete Double Cylinder Package from Dive Gear Express consists of: two Faber hot-dipped galvanized steel cylinders, premium quality manifold with isolator, premium quality bands and bolts, left and right manifold port plugs. We also include tank boots on the steel tanks for use when setup as singles, but boots are not normally installed on doubles sets and therefore not always illustrated in our photos. The cylinders each include a current month Nitrox Ready decal.

  • TWO Nitrox-Ready Faber HP 3442 PSI HDG-Series Cylinders
  • Premium Quality Manifold with Isolator
  • Premium Quality Bands and Bolts
  • Left and Right Manifold Port Plugs (not shown)
  • Tank Boots
  • Current Nitrox Ready Decal †

† Our shop evidence of inspection 3" X 6" dated decal (aka "VIP sticker") states "this cylinder and valve are suitable for service with compressed gases containing greater than 23.5% oxygen." That means the cylinder and valve, prior to initial use, are oxygen clean and oxygen compatible. If you plan to use this cylinder with gases containing more than 40% oxygen then the upgrade to our DGX Premium Oxygen Valve is suggested.

Due to weight restrictions our doubles packages ship as individual components ready-to-assemble: two cartons containing the cylinders and boots with modular valves (including port plugs) installed in the cylinders hand tight along with a third carton containing the manifold crossbar, bands and bolt kit, two loose Evidence of Inspection decals (aka VIP stickers.). You will need to assemble the package yourself prior to filling or if you prefer arrange for a local dive shop to assemble them for a fee. Assembling a set of doubles yourself is easy if you follow our detailed assembly instructions.

Questions? Cylinder FAQ and Valve FAQ

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Brand DGX
Weight 95.000000

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Steel High Pressure Cylinders by Faber

Features of All Faber HP Steel SCUBA Tanks
from Dive Gear Express

  • Hot zinc spray or dipped external galvanization
  • Phosphatized corrosion resistant internal surface
  • Both U.S. DOT-SP13488-3442 and Canadian TC-SU7694-237 markings
  • 0.750-14 NPSM (3/4 NPS) threaded neck opening
  • Cylinder and valve are Nitrox Ready

How to Select a SCUBA Tank

Our factual but easy-to-read article helps you make this big decision by giving you information on:

  • Aluminum tanks versus steel tanks
  • Tank paints, coatings, and finishes
  • Tank dimensions and capacity recommendations

For details read How to Select a SCUBA Tank.

SCUBA Tanks must be hydrostatically tested every five years (60 months). We always ship Faber cylinders with a current hydro test date. Due to manufacturing and import cycles, the popular sizes of Faber cylinders typically have a factory hydro date less than 12 months old. However less popular sizes of Faber cylinders may have a factory hydro date up to 24 months old as these are manufactured and imported less frequently.

Our cylinders and valves are Imperial 3/4 NPS neck threads, NOT Metric M25 neck threads, and the valves have overpressure relief devices. The cylinders have US DOT and Canadian CTC markings suitable for use ONLY in North America. Our cylinders and valves are NOT CE approved and NOT suitable for use in the European Union. Cylinders are NOT marked appropriately for use in Australia and New Zealand.

Faber HP Cylinders at Dive Gear Express

Cylinder Service
Pressure (psi)
True Air †
Capacity (ft3)
Height *
Weight *
Buoyancy **
Full : Empty (pounds)
F7 Steel HP80 3442 ≈ 80.1 7.25 20.8 28.3 - 8.1 : - 1.7
F7 Steel HP100 3442 ≈ 101.3 7.25 25.3 34.0 - 8.4 : - 0.6
F7 Steel HP120 3442 ≈ 120.1 7.25 29.1 39.2 - 8.8 : + 0.7
F8 Steel HP117 3442 ≈ 117.8 8.00 24.2 37.6 - 9.1 : + 0.2
F8 Steel HP133 3442 ≈ 133.5 8.00 26.9 42.4 - 9.1 : + 1.5
Comparison Only
Aluminum 80
3000 ≈ 77.6 7.25 26.1 31.9 - 1.8 : + 3.2
* Height and weight is for cylinder only, i.e. less valve.
** Buoyancy specification is for cylinder and valve in seawater at 500 psi.
Specifications are NOMINAL and supplied by Sea Pearls as of 2018.
†  Visit Calculating SCUBA Cylinder Free Gas Capacities for more information about True Capacity values.