DGX Custom - DGX Gears Singles Harness / Backplate / Wing Package

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DGX Custom - DGX Gears Singles Harness / Backplate / Wing Package

DGX Singles Harness and Wing Package with AL Backplate
DGX Singles Harness and Wing Package with AL Backplate Components of the DGX Gears Harness Integrated Roll Control Tank Strap Placement Can Be Adjusted DGX Gears Wing, AL Backplate and Straps Mounted on AL80 DGX Gears Wing, AL Backplate and Straps Mounted on AL80 How to Attach a Backplate and Wing
  • Excellent quality and value for single tank diving
  • Modular backplate and wing system for versatility
  • Simplicity and durability for years of heavy use
  • DGX Gears harness with all S/S hardware
  • Includes crotch strap and tank straps

A basic backplate/wing/harness package for single tank diving at a value price. This fully integrated BCD uses a DGX Gears (S1) aircell together with a DGX premium quality metal backplate, harness webbing, padded crotch strap, stainless steel hardware, DGX metal cam band tank straps and other accessories. Includes a { 16 in | 40.6 cm } corrugated hose with plain elbow.

Included with this Package:

  • DGX Gears (S1) { 30 lb | 13.6 kg } Single Tank Wing
  • Wing includes a { 16 in | 41 cm } Corrugated Hose with a Plain Elbow Inflator Assembly
  • DGX Gears Harness with all S/S hardware
  • Select DGX Aluminum OR upgrade to Stainless Steel Backplate
  • DGX { 2 in | 5.1 cm } Crotch Strap with Sewn Loop
  • DGX Stainless Steel Tank Straps
  • DGX Plastic Assembly Screws (2)

It does NOT include a BC inflator hose but we suggest a { 22 in | 56 cm } option for use with the included corrugated hose assembly.

This rig can accommodate the typical Aluminum 80 or Steel LP-85, HP-80 or HP-100 tanks. Includes Aluminum backplate or upgrade to Stainless Steel, upgrade to add weight pockets or shoulder pads. Approximate weight of harness & wing with aluminum backplate is { 6 lb | 2.7 kg }, or { 9 lb | 4 kg } with the stainless plate.

The DGX single tank wing features a narrow low profile design with a lift capacity of { 30 lb | 13.6 kg } and includes a { 16 in | 41 cm } corrugated hose with a plain elbow. The two tank strap slot design allows for a more secure tank attachment option of using two (2) cam straps. It is constructed from durable 1000 Denier nylon outer shell material and further enhanced with a heavy-duty urethane coated 200 Denier nylon laminated bladder.

Sorry, but at this low price we are unable to make any substitutions.

The DGX custom webbing harness systems do NOT come assembled as your personal sizing for the harness must be done during assembly.

DGX Gears Harness Assembly Instructions

This package does not include a "Single Tank Adapter" because the STA is a product which predates modern backplate and wing designs that include pre-cut slots for cam straps. Using the straps threaded through the backplate snugs the tank and wing up very tight against the backplate and does not allow the tank to rock. Using an STA would set the tank farther away from the backplate and allow the tank to rock slightly by pivoting from side to side on the bolts. The plastic assembly screws included with this package can be used to attach the wing directly to the metal backplate when rigged for a single tank without a single tank adapter. Note that this function is just cosmetic, omitting the assembly screws does not cause a problem and most experienced divers don't bother to use them. Without the assembly screws, when the BCD is taken off a single tank, the wing will hang loose on the cam straps.

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