DGX Custom - DGX Gears Singles Harness / Backplate / Wing Package

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A basic DGX backplate/wing/harness package for single tank diving at a value price.

DGX Custom - DGX Gears Singles Harness / Backplate / Wing Package

DGX Singles Harness and Wing Package with AL Backplate
DGX Singles Harness and Wing Package with AL Backplate Components of the DGX Gears Harness Integrated Roll Control Tank Strap Placement Can Be Adjusted DGX Gears Wing, AL Backplate and Straps Mounted on AL80 DGX Gears Wing, AL Backplate and Straps Mounted on AL80 How to Attach a Backplate and Wing
  • Excellent quality and value for single tank diving
  • Modular backplate and wing system for versatility
  • Simplicity and durability for years of heavy use
  • DGX Gears harness with all S/S hardware
  • Includes crotch strap and tank straps

A basic backplate/wing/harness package for single tank diving at a value price. This fully integrated BCD uses a DGX Gears (S1) aircell together with a DGX premium quality metal backplate, harness webbing, padded crotch strap, stainless steel hardware, DGX tank straps with Stainless Steel hardware and other accessories. Includes a { 16 in | 40.6 cm } corrugated hose with plain elbow.

Included with this Package:

  • DGX Gears (S1) { 30 lb | 13.6 kg } Single Tank Wing
  • Wing includes a { 16 in | 41 cm } Corrugated Hose with a Plain Elbow Inflator Assembly
  • DGX Gears Harness with all S/S hardware
  • Your choice of crotch strap with the harness:
    • The popular {1.5 in | 3.8 cm} Crotch Strap is noticeably more comfortable and with a side-release buckle is a welcome change from outdated traditions to the convenience of a crotch strap that can be adjusted on-the-fly. The {1.5 in | 3.8 cm} crotch strap uses a soft nylon webbing that measures {38 in | 97 cm} in length with a {2,200 lbs | 100 kg} tensile strength and weighs {3 oz | 85 g}.
    • The traditional {2 in | 5 cm| Crotch Strap has a sewn-loop and includes a neoprene sleeve to protect exposure suit from abrasion. The {2 in | 5 cm} nylon webbing crotch strap measures {42 in| 107 cm}in length, with 2,800 lbs tensile strength and weighs {6oz |170g}.
  • Select DGX Aluminum OR upgrade to Stainless Steel Backplate
  • DGX tank straps with Stainless Steel hardware
  • DGX Plastic Assembly Screws (2)

It does NOT include a BC inflator hose but we suggest a { 22 in | 56 cm } option for use with the included corrugated hose assembly.

This rig can accommodate the typical Aluminum 80 or Steel LP-85, HP-80 or HP-100 tanks. Includes Aluminum backplate or upgrade to Stainless Steel, upgrade to add weight pockets or shoulder pads. Approximate weight of harness & wing with aluminum backplate is { 6 lb | 2.7 kg }, or { 9 lb | 4 kg } with the stainless plate.

The DGX single tank wing features a narrow low profile design with a lift capacity of { 30 lb | 13.6 kg } and includes a { 16 in | 41 cm } corrugated hose with a plain elbow. The two tank strap slot design allows for a more secure tank attachment option of using two (2) cam straps. It is constructed from durable 1000 Denier nylon outer shell material and further enhanced with a heavy-duty urethane coated 200 Denier nylon laminated bladder.

Sorry, but at this low price we are unable to make any substitutions.

The DGX custom webbing harness systems do NOT come assembled as your personal sizing for the harness must be done during assembly.

DGX Gears Harness Assembly Instructions

This package does not include a "Single Tank Adapter" because the STA is a product which predates modern backplate and wing designs that include pre-cut slots for cam straps. Using the straps threaded through the backplate snugs the tank and wing up very tight against the backplate and does not allow the tank to rock. Using an STA would set the tank farther away from the backplate and allow the tank to rock slightly by pivoting from side to side on the bolts. The plastic assembly screws included with this package can be used to attach the wing directly to the metal backplate when rigged for a single tank without a single tank adapter. Note that this function is just cosmetic, omitting the assembly screws does not cause a problem and most experienced divers don't bother to use them. Without the assembly screws, when the BCD is taken off a single tank, the wing will hang loose on the cam straps.

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This is my first BPW--not sure what more expensive BPWs offer but this is all I need!
Jan 23, 2023
This is my first BPW. I ordered the SS backplate to add weight (it comes in at about 2.3kg; I'm down from 8kg on a standard BC to 4kg with this BPW combo) The construction looks good and feels solid. The tank snugs up tightly without any single-tank adapter or assembly screws--like the details say, you don't need them. I was concerned that the wing might tip me face-down on the surface, but even fully inflated it balances just fine. I am trying out the loop adjustment ring, but I'm not sure it's necessary for me. My only complaint is that it came with a poorly-manufactured LP inflator valve--it connects to a LP hose but leaks heavily when the hose is wiggled. It might be nice to do a quick quality check before shipping out. Nevertheless, DGX quickly sent me a replacement inflator under warranty, which I appreciate. After replacing the valve, it works perfectly.
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Response from Admin
Jan 25, 2023
We do QA the wing itself for leaks, however this is a very unusual machining defect in the low-pressure power inflator QD post that was not being routinely checked for leaks. This check has now been added to the QA.
Verified Buyer
Good product, might need better instructions
Nov 22, 2022
Worked great, all the parts were in the package and fit together correctly. Documentation is a bit sparse. Came with a bit of string, a small length of bungee, and a DGX Loop Adjustment Ring. I figured out two of these by searching the Net of 1,000 Lies, but the purpose of the string still eludes me. Tried the Loop Adjustment gizmo but decided I was better off without. YMMV on that piece.
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Response from Admin
Nov 22, 2022
You are absolutely correct, over the years we've added and deleted a few items as diver preferences and applications have shifted. As of late 2022 the original instructions were nearly ten years old. We will be updating the instructions in time for 2023.
Verified Buyer
No money? No problem!
Aug 15, 2022
I decided I was ready to upgrade to a BPW after over a hundred dives on a hand-me-down former rental BCD (I know). Being a broke college student who happens to love this eye-wateringly expensive hobby, I didn't want to break the bank and pay almost $1000 for a brand name unit. On the advice of pretty much the whole internet I picked up this one. I really have nothing but good things to say about the quality - the SS backplate is finished very well and the wing itself is made of very sturdy fabric. Assembly took a while the first time but now that I know how it works I think I could rebuild it in minutes. The design really is that simple and thoughtful. It only took 3 dives for me to dial in my harnesses and weighting to get perfect trim, and holy crap does it make a big difference. Frog kicking is even more efficient than ever. Can't wait to take it wreck diving.
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Verified Buyer
I decided I was ready ...
Jan 6, 2022
I decided I was ready to invest in my own gear and purchased this kit. I got the SS backplate and the DR 20 lb pockets. I added a second waist d-ring and a DR 1.5 in crotch strap, I have completed my setup. I've only used it on 8 dives so far, but on every one I had the best trim so far. As I continue from rec into tec, the wing will change but the harness and plate are here to stay. I definitely recommend an aftermarket crotch strap as the included one was way too stiff to be comfortable.
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Response from Admin
Jan 7, 2022
The stock crotch strap included in the package is a standard 2-inch "Hogarthian" aka "DIR" strap. Although padded, a few people do find they prefer a different crotch strap design if they are not scootering and we have several alternatives... https://www.divegearexpress.com/dive-rite-crotch-straps
Verified Buyer
Great Kit
Jul 26, 2021
Great product but I expected this. Quality of the wing’s shell and sewing are excellent. Others materials (inflator/deflator hose) and hardware also excellent. Narrow profile increases air control and this immediately improved my wife’s buoyancy control. She’s a brand new diver and started out with a back-inflated horseshoe wing but tried out the DGX BPW as a trial effort. Without any prompting, one her first pool dive with it she recognized the increased control and this improved her morale about skill development. This weekend on her fourth open water dive she was practicing buoyancy control through breathing, hovering above the sand and learning to arrest her descent through inhalation just before touching. Thanks, DGX, for putting together a superb product at such a great price. Would be great if DGX offered a short BP for more petite divers.
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Verified Buyer
Awesome deal.
Jun 28, 2021
Really, really happy with this harness. I'm new to BPW, and this has been my first set up. For what you get it feels like a great deal, and I'm so glad I made the switch to BPW. The assembly videos are helpful, and there are lots of non-DGX videos to add to that help. I take this with me on local dives here in the freshwaters of MN and whenever I travel. I got mine with the shoulder pads - honestly I could probably do without, but I do wish they were a bit shorter.
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Response from Admin
Jun 29, 2021
Andrew, you can't cut the shoulder pads longer but using a pair or ordinary household scissors you can easily cut the neoprene tubes shorter while not on the webbing or with a little more effort trim you can trim the length even while on the webbing. You will notice there is a sewn seam running down the length of the neoprene, once you trim just place a drop of Aquaseal or SuperGlue on the trimmed end of the seam to keep the stitching from unravelling.
I recommended this BP/W to ..
May 26, 2021
I recommended this BP/W to a new diver and I personally tested it out with him in the pool. I was super impressed. I've spent waaaaay more money on BP/Ws that weren't nearly as good. The grip on the cam bands are a bit weird but they work. I might sell my current wing and buy one for myself lol.
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Verified Buyer
This is a very good ...except for the webbing
Oct 27, 2020
This is a very good package but the harness webbing is very stiff - I mean stick stiff. I wish DGX has at least one option for a slightly more flex & comfortable webbing. The plate is good, the hardware is great & the singles wing is superb .... it’s just the harness webbing.
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Verified Buyer
Excellent value
May 24, 2020
Backplate assembly is compact and simple, which is just what I was looking for, and at a great price. It does come with everything needed to get going, although I added the DGX STA. Only complaints are the mares SF2 clip (which makes the harness adjustable) did fit in the slot. And one of the tank bands had the nonslip pad sewn in backwards.
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Verified Buyer
After much research for my ...
May 7, 2020
After much research for my first backplate and wing I decided to go with the DGX. The quality seems top-notch. The SS backplate seems high quality with a nice shiny appearance. Also included was a short section of shock cord/bungee for helping secure the inflator hose. Being my first BPW system, threading the harness took me quite awhile. The included instructions are no good but DGX does have some good information here on the website. I was not able to find anything except one bad video online regarding how to attach the tank straps but I was eventually able to get it done. I had to make many many adjustments on the harness and the chafe sleeves at the waist make this extremely difficult especially with a new and very stiff harness. I ordered some tri-glides to use in place of these chafe sleeves which means taking it all back apart. Overall, I am pleased with this purchase and plan to dive this rig in the near future.
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