DGX Gears Padded Storage Bag

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This DGX bag is well padded and big enough for the Shearwater Peregrine, Teric or Perdix (the Petrel and NERD2 fit too!), Garmin Descent and many other popular computers. Also ideal for the Analytic Instruments Palm O2 and Palm CO handheld gas analyzers.

DGX Gears Padded Storage Bag

DGX Computer Bag
DGX Computer Bag DGX Gears Padded Storage Bag DGX Gears Padded Storage Bag DGX Gears Padded Storage Bag DGX Gears Padded Storage Bag DGX Gears Padded Storage Bag
  • Provides excellent security for valuable electronics
  • Thick padding for protection during transport
  • Velcro closure for durability and longevity
  • Internal storage area for batteries
  • Clear vinyl pocket inside for ID or small accessories

This DGX bag is well padded and big enough for the Shearwater Peregrine, Perdix and Teric (the Petrel and NERD2 fit too!), Garmin Descent, Divesoft Freedom, Poseidon M28, and many other popular computers on the market today. It also works well for many handheld gas analyzers like the Palm O2 and Palm CO.

Inside the bag is a vertical elastic holder for extra batteries or adapters as well as a clear vinyl pocket on the inside flap for identification or small accessories such as the Shearwater bluetooth dongle, USB stick or spare o-rings. The heavy padding provides impact protection with a sturdy Velcro closure (no zipper to break, corrode or jam). The design allows for good airflow which assists with drying and eliminates issues that arise from putting a wet computer inside a sealed bag for extended periods.

Approximate interior dimensions of {4.5 in x 2.5 in x 4 in deep | 11.4 cm x 6.3 cm x } and overall dimensions of {5 in x 3 in x 4.5 in deep | 12.7 cm x 7.62 x 11.4 cm}

We are sometimes asked why we recommend this bag when Apeks and Shearwater a supply a zippered "travel" case with their computers. The travel case included with their computers is a very snug padded fit, suitable for dry storage, but not suitable for boat use or damp storage. If you want a well padded case suitable for boat use and with room for extra storage of one or two transmitters, consider adding the optional DGX Padded Storage Bag.

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Verified Buyer
Great case for the Palm d 100 and accesories.
Mar 21, 2022
This is the only product I located that was truly sized for the O2 analyzer and accessories I currently use. After an online chat with Steve, I learned that my analyzer did not come with a blue tee ( which fit in this case very well) unless it was purchased packaged together- again, Steve took great care of me with this matter too. and I received my order very promptly instead of a form letter saying sorry we are out of your order, but in 5-7 days..... You guys have exceeded my expectations, and ( even though I teach through a LDS) will be getting more of my business, as well as being recommended to students for gear purchases. Steve, Thanks again for your assistance with this purchase.
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Verified Buyer
May 27, 2020
exact fiting to the dive computer , 4 stars because its size is just for the computer , a bit bigger to the cable also could be perfect...
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Verified Buyer
Well made
Jul 10, 2018
I got this to protect my Suunto Eon Core computer. It is well padded and appears to be quality made.
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Verified Buyer
Good choice
Apr 8, 2018
Excellent for dive computer, extra batteries, SD cards and flash memory
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Verified Buyer
Proper and essential
Apr 6, 2017
Simple and functional computer bag. Well padded, but not soft.
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Verified Buyer
Computer bag
Jan 15, 2017
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A Battery Warning Means You Are Diving On Borrowed Time!

The nature of the lithium chemistry batteries used to power virtually all dive computers and digital bottom timers on the market has important consequences to battery life and in particular to battery warnings. That is because while lithium chemistry batteries have a very long life, it is extremely difficult to detect when they are nearing end-of-life. Lithium batteries often change from delivering full power to nearly dead in a very short time. Detecting the end-of-life is made even more unpredictable in dive computers, because they draw very little power at the surface but the power requirement increases significantly when diving.

In our experience many different brands and models of dive computers and digital bottom timers, without warning, become very erratic as a result of reaching near end-of-life on the battery. Sometimes an instrument will issue a battery warning during the dive, but on the surface after the dive the battery warning may clear. Sometimes, the first symptom instead of a battery warning might be an inaccurate depth reading which will result in inaccurate decompression times or other bizarre readings. Just to be clear, this problem is associated with the battery chemistry, not the instrument, and is true regardless of the brand name.

  • Learn what the battery warning indication is for your dive computer or digital bottom timer.
  • Never begin a dive with an instrument showing a battery warning.
  • Always have a backup should your primary instrument fail, either a second computer or a bottom timer and tables.
  • If you notice a battery warning during the dive, do NOT trust the instrument accuracy, switch to your backup solution.
  • Best practice is to occasionally compare the primary instrument to the backup, in case there is no battery warning.
  • For models with rechargeable batteries, carefully follow the manufacturer recommendations as to best practices for maintaining and/or recalibrating the charge in the battery.
  • For models with user changeable primary batteries, change the battery at the minimum factory recommended interval for your model, regardless of number of dives.
  • Our recommendation is to always change the 'coin' type lithium batteries annually.