Shearwater Research Petrel 3 SA (Stand Alone)

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The Petrel 3 Dive Computer incorporates a powerful feature set, easy to understand menus, easy to read full color display. The Petrel 3 SA was recently updated to include haptic alerts and support for optional wireless transmitters to display the cylinder gas pressure without the use of hoses.
Announced 1-Jun-2022, and now available, the Shearwater Petrel 3 has a titanium bezel and titanium piezo touch buttons with user adjustable sensitivity plus an aluminosilicate toughened glass lens that has improved clarity and damage resistance. The Petrel 3 also adds a customizable haptic (aka vibration) alert system that draws attention at the most important moments of the dive. Like the other Shearwater technical dive computers, the Petrel 3 now supports up to four Shearwater SWIFT transmitters.

Shearwater Research Petrel 3 SA (Stand Alone)

Shearwater Research Petrel 3 SA (Stand Alone)
Shearwater Research Petrel 3 SA (Stand Alone) Shearwater Research Petrel 3 SA (Stand Alone) Shearwater Research Petrel 3 SA (Stand Alone) Shearwater Research Petrel 3 SA (Stand Alone) Shearwater Research Petrel 3 SA (Stand Alone) Shearwater Research Petrel 3 SA (Stand Alone)

The Petrel 3 from Shearwater Research of Canada is a full decompression dive computer incorporating the Bühlmann ZHL-16C algorithm, with user configurable Gradient Factors (GF). Gradient Factors allow the diver unique and individual control of their dive computer decompression calculations. Out of the box, all models include open-circuit and closed-circuit Air, Nitrox and Trimix mixed gas functionality. An optional PIN upgrade to the VPM or DCIEM decompression algorithm is also available. The Petrel 3 includes a richly featured 'gauge mode' configuration, along with a three-axis tilt-compensated digital compass. The included CCR mode for rebreathers provides the ability to perform constant PO2 set point calculations for deco. During a decompression dive, the Petrel 3 provides complete information displays of all required stop times. The Petrel 3 can provide time-to-surface based on "look ahead" at planned gas switches. Multiple gas definition presets are supported with any combination of oxygen, nitrogen and helium. The Petrel 3 will NOT "lockout" after a missed stop or ascent rate violation. The Petrel 3 offers a screen display utilizing a low-power consumption, 320x240 QVGA, full color LCD display. The display will automatically adjust intensity based on available light to make the display easily readable whether on the surface in sunlight, in open water or in a cave.

The Perdix 3 is capable of wirelessly connecting to optional SWIFT transmitters giving the diver ability to monitor up to four tank pressures. It is also capable of calculating the Gas Time Remaining (GTR). Air integration is optional for all modes, from OC Rec to CC/BO. The tank pressure(s), in PSI or BAR, and GTR can be displayed to the customizable slots on the main display screen or accessed through the underlying information screens. Enabling the AI feature causes approximately 10% decrease in Perdix battery life.The Perdix AI base price does not include a tank pressure transmitter because the consumer may already own a compatible transmitter. You may include transmitters during purchase or add them at a later time.

The Petrel 3 has been designed to accept any type of AA size battery including alkaline, lithium and rechargeable. Included with every Petrel 3 from Dive Gear Express are two elastic straps with buckles, gold contact battery holder and battery already installed (ready to dive out of the box!). The Petrel 3 also includes a titanium bezel and a screen protector already installed to help prevent scratches of the display face. The software includes a complete dive log manager, compatible with both MS Windows and MAC OS X, and can be downloaded from Shearwater's website along with the manual. The dive log manager supports log downloads and firmware updates via the Bluetooth wireless interface of the Petrel.

Technical Open-Circuit Features

  • Air/Nitrox/Trimix capable
  • 5 open-circuit gas switch presets
  • Bühlmann ZHL-16C algorithm with configurable Gradient Factors
  • GF presets for sport diving NDL safety factor: High = 35/75, Medium = 40/85, Low = 45/95, plus user defined GF
  • Optional Varying Permeability Model (VPM-B)
  • %CNS oxygen exposure tracking
  • Ascent rate monitor
  • User configurable haptic (vibration) alerts
  • Date, time and temp display
  • Easy to read large full color screen
  • Easy to use adaptive menus
  • Logbook of last 1000 hours of diving
  • Operational to at least { 980 fsw | 300 msw}
  • Battery voltage and warning
  • Metric and Imperial
  • Right or left wrist mountable
  • Battery life (Saft 3.6V LS14500) up to 100 hours of diving
  • Battery life (1.5V Alkaline) up to 35 hours of diving

Rebreather Features

  • Constant PPO2 Set Point
  • Automatic Set Point Switching
  • 5 additional CCR Diluent gas presets
  • 2 button push OC bailout


  • Three-axis tilt-compensated digital compass
  • Titanium bezel
  • Wireless Tank Pressure (option transmitter required)
  • Bluetooth Smart wireless upload/download
  • User upgradeable firmware
  • User changeable battery
  • Dive Log Software
  • Two Year Limited Warranty
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