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The Apeks DSX dive computer is fully loaded with the cutting edge features that technical divers expect, including sidemount and CCR modes, induction or cable charging and management of up to six breathing gasses (air, oxygen, nitrox, and trimix.) Apeks DSX also supports up to six optional wireless transmitters to display the cylinder gas pressures without the use of hoses.

The DSX base price does not include tank pressure transmitters because the consumer may already own one or more compatible transmitters. You may include transmitters during purchase or add them at a later time.

Dive Gear Express ships your Apeks DSX dive computer to you with the current firmware, charged and ready to dive as soon as the DSX is registered using the free Diverlog+ mobile app.

Apeks DSX

Front View with Straps Attached
Front View with Straps Attached Packed in Storage Case Complete Kit Size Comparison with Optional Transmitter Side View with Straps Attached On Diver's Wrist Side View Back View Included Storage Case Apeks DSX Apeks DSX Apeks DSX Dive Computer Unboxing and Review Apeks DSX Dive Computer - Launch Video (2023)
  • Very richly featured technical dive computer
  • Air/Nitrox/Trimix with Open-Circuit (Tech and Sport modes), Closed-Circuit, Side-Mount, Gauge modes
  • Bühlmann ZHL-16C algorithm with user configurable Gradient Factors
  • GPS (surface only) log of entry and exit, as well as wayfinder mode for navigation to a specific point
  • Wireless tank pressure monitoring and breathing gas analyzer (optional transmitters and oxygen sensor required)

The Apeks DSX Technical Dive Computer is fully loaded with cutting edge features, including sidemount and CCR modes, induction or cable charging and management of up to six breathing gases (air, oxygen, nitrox, and trimix.) The DSX as supports up to six (6) optional MH-8A compatible wireless transmitters. Included modes are open-circuit (sport and technical modes), close-circuit rebreather constant setpoint mode (CCR), sidemount mode with gas switch notification, and gauge mode. The DSX alerts the diver of important information during a dive via both audible and vibrating alarms. The GPS function can log entry and exit points as well as offering a wayfinder feature to guide you to a specific point. An oxygen analyzer accessory is included with the DSX. (A standard R-22D type sensor is required to use the analyzer but is not included in the base price.) The outer bezel is titanium to save weight and ensure maximum durability. There are two different wrist strap options included: use either elastic double straps with slide-release buckles or a built-in bungee mount. The DSX comes in a zippered travel case.

The Apeks DSX Technical Dive Computer has a 3-stainless-steel button design to navigate through the menus. The 2.4" (61mm) color TFT LCD display includes an integrated backlight for easy readability in all diving conditions. The computer housing is made from an impact resistant plastic with a durable polycarbonate lens and protected with a titanium lens keeper. The lens is protected with a factory installed film for additional durability. The computer is powered by an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a traditional cable charge system for fast charging. The DSX also supports induction charging using the included wireless charging mat. If inductively charging, Apeks recommends using the supplied charging mat, however the DSX can also be charged by mats that support the Qi wireless-charging standard (which includes the latest iPhones and many Android phones).

The DSX has a maximum depth rating of {330 fsw | 100 msw} with altitude compensation up to {14,000 ft | 4,270 m}. The decompression algorithm is Bühlmann ZHL-16C with user selectable Gradient Factors or easy to use sport default pre-sets for conservancy. Other features include battery power indicator, temperature above and below the surface, dive planner function, time to surface information, no fly indication, slate function, manual or water activation.

The Apeks DSX Technical Wrist Computer has a 32-bit ST Micro CPU and and is Bluetooth 5.0 compatible. Navigation while diving is made easy with the onboard 3D digital compass and on the surface with the built-in GPS. Downloading computer information is easy with DiverLog+ app for iOS and Android via Bluetooth. With this free app, users can save dive log information from their computer to their phone or tablet, as well as change dive computer settings and install firmware updates.

  • Air/Nitrox/Trimix capable
  • Modes: Open-Circuit (Tech and Sport modes), Closed-Circuit, Side-Mount, Gauge
  • 6 open-circuit plus 6 closed-circuit gas switch presets
  • Bühlmann ZHL-16C algorithm with configurable Gradient Factors
  • Sport conservatism option gives the user the choice of 3 pre-sets: Low (90/90), Medium (35/80), and High (30/70)
  • User configurable safety-stop count down
  • Constant PPO2 set point w/automatic set point switching
  • Oxygen exposure tracking of Oxygen Tolerance Units (OTU), both saturation time and remaining time
  • User configurable audible and haptic (vibration) alarms
  • Bar graph display of No Decompression / Decompression status (N2) or controlling Gradient Factor (GF), and Ascent Rate (AR)
  • Date, time and temp display
  • Easy to read large full color screen with extra large option for depth and dive time
  • Logbook of 99 most recent dives
  • Operational to at least { 330 fsw | 100 msw }
  • Battery warning
  • Metric and Imperial
  • Right or left wrist mountable
  • Battery life typically 80 hours of diving at default screen brightness
  • Built-in li-ion battery with both inductive mat and faster direct cable recharging


  • O2 Analyzer accessory (optional R-22 sensor required)
  • Three-axis tilt-compensated digital compass
  • GPS (surface only) log of entry and exit, as well as wayfinder mode for navigation to a specific point
  • Up to ten image "Slates"
  • Bluetooth Smart 5.0 wireless upload/download
  • Wireless Tank Pressure (optional transmitter required)
  • User upgradable firmware
  • Free DiverLog+ Software
  • Two Year Limited Warranty

What's in the box: Included in the box are the DSX technical wrist computer, oxygen analyzer module (an optional R-22 'D' or 'S' type sensor, see our TekTip below, is needed to use the analyzer module, but is not included in the base price), USB-A to DSX charging cable, both bungee cord and two elastic wrist straps with slide-release buckles, induction charging mat with USB-A charging cable, and printed quick start guide. Also included is a brief printed safety information reference, with the detailed 95-page DSX Dive Computer Owner's Manual available as a PDF download (see Product Attachments tab above.) The Apeks DSX includes a nice zippered travel case that holds the dive computer, charging accessories and analyzer; however take care not to store a wet dive computer in the case. Dive Gear Express ships your Apeks DSX dive computer to you with the current firmware, charged and ready to dive as soon as the DSX is registered using the free Diverlog+ mobile app.

Diverlog+ mobile app for iOS and Android, Diverlog desktop for MS Windows and Apple OSx.

The free mobile eDiverLog+ software applications now fully support the Apeks DSX technical dive computer. Before and after the dive, wireless Bluetooth Smart connectivity in the DSX lets you wirelessly sync your dive data with the DiverLog+ app on your mobile device. You can use DiverLog+ app to control and update all your dive computer settings, view dive log and profle data, add locations, notes and other details then share your stats, photos, and dive site locations on social media. Synchronize your data between Diverlog Desktop, Diverlog+ app, and the DiveCloud online dive data backup system, so you can access your dive records anywhere. Export your dive data in various formats for easy review and documentation.

  • Download dive data directly from the Bluetooth enabled Apeks DSX dive computer, upload your desired settings direct from a mobile device to the DSX, and update the firmware to the DSX using Bluetooth Smart technology.
  • Electronic dive log signature function allows buddies and instructors to electronically sign your dive log.
  • Review extensive details of your dive profiles.
  • Annotate all your dive data including, elapsed time, conditions, computer settings, tank types and sizes, location, dive site, dive buddies, and gear used.
  • Simple search methods help you easily access all your recorded data. Search by location, dive site, and even which computer you used.
  • Easily maintain and access your personal certification and medical information so your important data is on hand at all times.
  • Keep track of your dive gear with the customizable digital gear bags feature.
  • Stay connected to share your dive info, photos, and video links directly to your social media channels.
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R-22 Oxygen Sensors - 'D' type vs 'S' type

The R-22 oxygen sensors are all characterized by the same physical dimensions, electrical characteristics and 3-pin Molex connector. The primary difference between the "S" type sensor and the "D" type sensor is the presence of a hydrophobic membrane on the face of the diving grade sensor. The membrane improves resistance to moisture, but slows the response of the sensor to changes in oxygen partial pressures by several seconds.

In practice, for use in diving gas analyzer applications the slightly slower response time of diving grade sensors is little consequence with the benefit being the design is more resistant to moisture found on the face of tank valves. If the diver or fill station operator fails to wipe or blow away any moisture present on the valve outlet, that moisture can enter the stream of gas being analyzed and affect the accuracy of the analysis.

Some prefer to use the D type sensors even in analyzers because of their resistance to moisture, others prefer the S type sensors for their slightly faster response time in analyzers - especially in frequent use applications.

Dive Gear Express offers both types:

  • Analytical Industries brand ADI-PSR-11-39-MD (R-22D type diving grade)
  • Analytical Industries brand ADI-PSR-11-39-MNB (R-22S type for analyzers only)
  • Divesoft brand DS-3001 (R-22S type for analyzers only)
  • Mares rEvo brand CR22D (R-22D type diving grade)
  • Poseidon brand 6010-206 (R-22D type diving grade)

Both types will work in gas analyzers but the S type must never be used in rebreathers.