Shearwater Research Near Eye Remote Display NERD 2 - SA

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The Near Eye Remote Display dive computer from Shearwater Research incorporates a powerful feature set, easy to understand menus, easy to read full color display, and a special optics and mounting system that projects the equivalent of the Shearwater Perdix-AI as a heads up display directly in the eye of the diver.

Shearwater Research Near Eye Remote Display NERD 2 - SA

Side View in Mount Kit
Side View in Mount Kit In Carrying Case - NERD2, Mount Kit, Charging Clip, Charging Bank Sample Dive Screen Front View in Mount Kit Mounted on Regulator Charging Clip Attached Shearwater NERD 2 - Recreational / Technical / Rebreather scuba diving computer
  • Technical dive computer with a "Heads Up Display"
  • Crucial data in your line-of-sight for the entire dive
  • Full color display w/ magnifying lens is easy-to-read
  • Air, Nitrox and Trimix mixed gas for OC or CCR
  • Feature rich with the latest diving technology

The NERD is a full decompression dive computer incorporating the functionality of the Shearwater Research Perdix-AI, but with a display mounted on the diver's regulator second stage. This revolutionary device keeps crucial information in your line-of-sight for the entire dive. Thanks to the Micro LCD display and magnifying lens, the data appears as if displayed on a 32" TV screen 12" away, with no need to focus. If you can watch a TV without glasses, and even if you have a bifocal lens mask for reading gauges, you should have no problem seeing the NERD 2. The display is unobtrusive as it virtually disappears when you look straight ahead. The numbers are there when you need them at any point during the dive, and out of the way when you don't. The full-color display is used to convey additional meaning with the information being displayed. When information is yellow or red, it calls the diver's attention to an unusual value or problem.

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Brand Shearwater Research
Weight 1.500000

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