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Scuba valve repair parts for DGX, Dive Rite and Thermo.

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Installing the Valve in the Cylinder

Before installing the valve, any existing lubricant should be completely removed from threads and always place a new neck o-ring (an oxygen compatible neck o-ring is included with our valves). Dive Gear Express currently recommends NOT using any form of lubricant, even oxygen compatible lubricants, with our Nitrox Ready SCUBA valves and cylinders. Valves should be installed in scuba cylinders with the least amount of force that will form a seal and retain the valve in place. For modern valves that capture an o-ring between the neck and the valve, this usually means they can be installed by hand and just snugged up with a hand wrench across a flat at the base of the valve, about 50 foot-pounds. The threads should not bind and force is NOT required to fully screw the valve home. Do not use the wrench across the face of the valve and do not bang on the handwheel. Take care to not over tighten the valve because it's the o-ring that makes the seal. An inspection should follow tightening the valve; be sure there is metal to metal contact all the around the base of the valve and the neck of the cylinder.


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