PRD Safety Assembly (Burst Disk Kit)

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This PRD Safety Assembly (Burst Disk) eliminates the possibility of mismatched components.

PRD Safety Assembly (Burst Disk Kit)

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  • One-piece assembly for safety and convenience
  • 4 options for multiple PSI ratings from 3360-5250
  • Ratings are release pressure, not service pressure
  • Compatible with DGX, Dive Rite, Thermo, Blue Steel
  • NOT compatible with Sherwood or Genesis valves

A one-piece safety assembly eliminates the possibility of mismatched components and reduces the likelihood of accidental incorrect installation of the safety assembly.

This PRD (Pressure Relief Disk) assembly has 100-120 in-lb of torque and fits all brands of valves sold by Dive Gear Express including DGX Premium, Dive Rite, Thermo and Blue Steel; as well as most other brands. However this assembly does NOT fit Sherwood or Genesis valves.

Safety assemblies are described by their release pressure, not the service pressure, of the cylinder. Dive Gear Express recommends a new safety assembly be installed by a qualified technician whenever the cylinder is hydro tested and annually if the cylinder is known to have been overfilled.

Type of Cylinder Service PRD
Argon Bottles 2015 3360
Low Pressure Steels 2400 4000
Most Aluminums 3000 5000
High Pressure Steels 3442 5250
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