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Take Only What You Need, No More and No Less

New divers have a tendency to use equipment to replace skills, which is a reasonable approach to maximize enjoyment of the early dives. However, we have seen divers looking like they walked through a dive shop with a magnet and we wonder who recommended all that stuff. Experienced divers know that every tool, gadget or feature they add to their configuration increases the complexity and also increases failure points. As the diver develops improved skills, they begin to shed gear and elaborate features in favor of streamlined high-quality equipment configurations. The huge knife strapped to the leg disappears along with the snorkel, instrument console and retractor, most of the lead, tank banger, eventually the jacket style BC and even the split fins. When gearing up, the experienced diver will take only the tools really needed for the specific dive. They know that simple and quality equipment together with practiced skills are the most elegant and reliable configurations.

Pay no attention to the experienced divers' lift bags; reels; jon lines; trauma shears; the thigh pocket full of wetnotes, arrows, and spools; or all those things strapped to their forearms. That DPV and the giant toolbox that takes two people to carry doesn't count either. ;)

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