DGX Hi-Viz Ultra White Line Loaded on Bulk Spools

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Hi-Viz Ultra White Line is better than the generic nylon line commonly used in diving applications because it is easier to see and very durable.

DGX Hi-Viz Ultra White Line Loaded on Bulk Spools

Hi-Viz Ultra White Line is Offered in Multiple Sizes
Hi-Viz Ultra White Line is Offered in Multiple Sizes Detail of Hi-Viz Ultra White Dacron Line
  • Ultra high visibility abrasion resistant line
  • Slightly negative buoyancy resists twisting & kinking
  • Braided for strength - high tenacity - minimal stretch
  • Flat wound so MORE length will fit on your reel
  • Stronger than #36 nylon line - thinner than #24 nylon

The Dive Gear Express Hi-Viz Line is a braided polyester (aka Dacron) material that costs a bit more than generic nylon, but this abrasion resistant high tenacity line has slightly negative buoyancy, also resists twisting or kinking, and has minimal stretch. Our Hi-Viz line is stronger than #36 nylon line, yet is slightly thinner than #24 nylon line, so you can load extra on the reel.

This "Ultra White" line is dyed an intense white and is not the natural color of the polyester. In water, our Hi-Viz "Ultra White" line stands out from the off-white color typical of traditional nylon guide line. Our Hi-Viz "Ultra White" line is simply the purest white color available and has all the other characteristics of our famous Hi-Viz line and provides maximum contrast in low light circumstances.

We are often asked 'What is the tested breaking strength?' Unfortunately, there are no standards for the test methodologies, so it's impossible to compare published ratings from different sources. Our supplier tested both our line and a widely used white nylon guideline found on reels, using the same method for each test. The results show both have several hundred pounds of breaking strength, although the our line is stronger. Frankly, both are more than strong enough for diving purposes.

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Orange, Yellow, or White, which is better?

The choice of blaze orange, chartreuse (yellow-green) or pure white has been studied by human factors experts for other applications such as signage and transportation. While we are not aware of any studies for diving applications, those other studies and our own experience provide good guidance for our recommendations. Choose orange for maximum visibility in well lighted conditions, choose pure white for absolute maximum contrast in very low-light conditions. In our opinion, your best compromise choice for all conditions is the chartreuse yellow-green color.