TekTite Mark-Lite Strobe

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The chemical light stick alternative, use the TekTite Mark-Lite Strobe submersible marker light while diving, camping, jogging, hiking or biking.
The photograph of multiple strobe and marking lights is only for the purpose of illustrating relative sizes and those other lights are NOT included with this light.

TekTite Mark-Lite Strobe

TekTite Mark-Lite Strobe Light
TekTite Mark-Lite Strobe Light Detail of Strobe Size Comparison Dimensions are Approximate
  • Compact strobe light with depth rating { 1000 ft | 300 m }
  • Provides 11+ hours on one AA battery (Included)
  • Twist on for activation - safety ORANGE color
  • { 5.8 in | 15 cm } long - sturdy ABS and LEXAN® material
  • Bulb life is estimated 10,000 hours

The TekTite Mark-Lite Strobe is double O-ring sealed, depth rated to { 1000 ft | 300 m }, and provides 11+ hours on one 1.5v size AA alkaline battery. With the same housing as the Mark-Lite marking light, the Mark-Lite Strobe features durable military tough ABS and LEXAN® construction, twist on switch with non-slip grip, { 5.8 in | 15 cm } long safety orange color body and clear { 1.2 in | 3.0 cm } wide lens with sturdy attachment point for snap or lanyard. Bulb life is estimated to be 10,000 hours with the Flash rate of 2hz (2 times per second). A 1.5v size AA alkaline battery and a bungee strap are included, along with a limited LIFETIME Warranty from TekTite.

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Verified Buyer
Highly recommended if you are looking for an additional visual safety device which does not take too much space (size of small flashlight/backup flashlight).
Jan 22, 2021
I bought the small strobe after a liveaboard in Maldives. I realized how important it is to have a strong flashing beacon in the middle of the sea in pitch-black darkness. Nevertheless, I have still my flashlights. However, the tektite is really strong and the flashing catches your attention. I tried it out on land and it is really good noticeable. The size suits my requirements. I dive a backplate and pockets are limited. Have a Apeks small cargo pocket and a Mares XR cargo pocket. The small strobe fits nicely in both, noting that the Mares XR pocket is bigger and allows for much more additional space. I tied a boltsnap to the strobe to hock it inside the pocket. The Velcro could be used to attach it to your wrist or SMB. Be aware that most of the twist switches might activate at a certain depth, so worth while to check if you have reached your maximum depth. Not that it starts flashing inside your pocket and draining the battery. There are definitely bigger and stronger strobes available, however this is a personal and type of diving related decision. For time being I am very happy with this one. Good also the batteries are easy to change and can be bought everywhere.
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Verified Buyer
TekTite Strobe
Jul 2, 2018
A solid, compact, lightweight, easy to carry, and (hopefully) very effective rescue device. Wrapped it in the bungee of my SMB, and secured it with a stainless spilt-ring to a fabric tab.
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Verified Buyer
Great little strobe.
Jun 2, 2016
Nice and bright and appears well built. Great to support Made in USA products!
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