DGX Custom - Steel Cylinder Sidemount Packages

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We offer cylinders setup for use as sidemount bottle sets. They are PAIRS of steel cylinders, configured for use as left and right sidemount in your choice of sizes, valves and optional stage straps.

Faber cylinders for the US market are manufactured in Italy and imported to the US via containerized sea freight. Availability of Faber cylinders has been erratic, affected by issues with both manufacturing capacity and transport. Currently the best information we have is our orders for Faber steel cylinders do not have an ETA. Use the "Notify me..." link the individual cylinder for an immediate email when we receive our order.

Prices for these cylinders do NOT include free shipping.

Questions? Cylinder FAQ and Valve FAQ

DGX Custom - Steel Cylinder Sidemount Packages

Sidemount Cylinder Size Comparison
Sidemount Cylinder Size Comparison Premium Valve Options Premium O2 Valve Options Boots Included with HP100 and LP85 Sample VIP How We Pack a Cylinder for Shipment Faber Cylinders for scuba diving - divefaber.com
  • Includes Two (2) cylinders configured for sidemount diving
  • Nitrox Ready with left and right DGX Premium Valves (select style)
  • Cylinders are ready-to-fill and have a current month Visual Inspection (VIP) Sticker
  • The package also includes valve dust plugs
  • Choose the optional stage strap kit you desire

Both cylinders are Nitrox Ready with left and right DGX Premium Valves that are satin finish chrome plated brass with standard 200-Bar DIN (G 5/8" BSP) outlet. We ship your cylinders with the valves installed and straps assembled (domestic ground US only, all others we will ship cylinder and valve uninstalled.) The cylinders have a current month Visual Inspection Sticker, thus no re-inspection is necessary before filling. The sets also include valve dust plugs. NOTE: the LP85's and the HP100's INCLUDE the tank boots. Boots are available separately for the LP50 cylinder size if desired.

The package options include your choice of cord or webbing based stage strap kits, as well as the Dive Rite Sidemount Strap Kits which are perfect for sidemounting. Using the Dive Rite low-profile cam strap, instead of a hose clamp, enables the entire assembly to be quickly installed, removed, repositioned or adjusted without need for any tools. The ability to easily reposition and adjust the strap, even while you are in-water, is particularly attractive for fine tuning sidemount configurations. The Dive Rite Sidemount Strap Kit includes all the items needed to configure sidemount bottle using a wide Deluxe Hose Retainer, EPDM Hose Retainer, a low profile cam strap, and a neck clip choker for sidemount.

Sidemount Cylinder Sets

  • Cylinder Pair (Both Nitrox Ready)
  • Valve Pair (Right & Left Hand)
  • Dust Plugs for Valves
  • VIP Decals
  • Optional Stage Strap Kits Rigged for Sidemount
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Valves for Sidemount

Typically, sidemount divers use cylinders with a matched pair of left and right hand DIN valves together with a pair of DIN regulators also configured for the left and right side (yoke style fittings are ill-advised sidemount applications.) The cylinders are then attached to the sidemount diver using their preference for bungee strap styles. If you prefer to cradle your valve with a traditional style bungee strap you may prefer our Modular L/R valves that offers the additional post extending out of each side. We also offer Modular Long Neck L/R valves that have a little bit more space just above the base so that you can take a wrap with your bungee. We feel the ring style bungees are best mated with our Pro L/R valves as they do not require your bungee to wrap around or loop onto the valve. Having valves and regulators with specific orientations means you must pay close attention to left and right whenever the straps and regulators are rigged to the cylinders.