DGX Custom - Poseidon Xstream Black Regulator

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The extreme performance of the Poseidon Xstream regulator means it can be used for the most demanding diving applications.
The Xstream "Black" first stage, is both oxygen compatible and oxygen clean. The Black is suitable for all mixtures including Nitrox and Trimix.

DGX Custom - Poseidon Xstream Black Regulator

Poseidon Xstream Regulator
Poseidon Xstream Regulator
  • Ultra high performance balanced diaphragm design
  • First stage offers 5 LP and 2 HP ports
  • Unique servo assist upstream demand second stage
  • Ambidextrous 2nd stage can be used from left or right
  • Ice Water and Nitrox Ready

The Xstream Black is approved for depths to { 656 feet | 200 meters} through NORSOK, a Norwegian certification body specialized in certifying equipment used in the oil fields of the North Sea. As the premier side breather, the Xstream offers incredibly easy breathing and assures you have enough gas regardless of workload.

  • First stage available in new Nitrox Ready Black version
  • Standard DIN connector (G 5/8" BSP)
  • Approved to 200 m / 656 ft, Norwegian Norsok U101 Standard (See Product Documents for this PDF)
  • Environmentally sealed for use under ice to { 29 °F | -2 °C }
  • Ambidextrous 2nd stage can be used from left or right
  • Servo-assisted ultra low Work-Of-Breathing (WOB)
This package is assembled by Dive Gear Express using Poseidon first and second stages, together with our flex or rubber hose in your choice of length and also includes a free Delrin DIN Cap. † All Poseidon regulators include Poseidon's limited lifetime warranty as long as the regulator is serviced by an authorized Poseidon dealer at least once every 24 months.

The Xstream first stage uses a unique synthetic ruby sphere that virtually eliminates high pressure seat wear that is common in knife edge design seating systems. The Xstream first stage also uses a rolling diaphragm design that eliminates any restriction in movement, which creates a smooth transfer of gas from the first stage to the second stage. This rolling diaphragm design further creates a insulating barrier so there is no need for an additional environmental kit. The Xstream has five low pressure standard 3/8-inch UNF ports and two high pressure standard 7/16-inch UNF ports. The new Black version is Nitrox Ready, incorporating oxygen compatible o-rings and lubricant.

The low-profile compact Xstream second stage uses pilot-operated upstream demand valve technology that also seals the seat without the use of conventional knife edge design seating systems. This servo-assist feature allows for very low inhalation effort and also eliminates any need for a venturi switch or adjustment knob. The second stage is also ambidextrous, allowing both left and right hose routing and breathes equally well in nearly any swimming position while the side mounted exhaust directs the bubbles out of the field of vision.

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Self-Operated vs Pilot-Operated

Today most diving regulator second stages are simple self-operated demand valves that offer lower cost and performance good enough for most recreational diving. However, second stage diving regulators offering maximum performance are based on the pilot-operated demand valve. The pilot design multiplies a tiny change in pressure triggered by the start of the inhalation into a large change applied to deliver the breath. This feature is sometimes also referred to as 'servo-assisted', similar to the power brakes on an automobile. A major benefit of servo-assisted second stages is their outstanding work-of-breathing performance at technical diving depths.

The pilot-operated demand valve enables the breathing chamber to be shaped like a tube rather than a hockey puck, with a diaphragm, purge and centered exhaust valve combination at one end of the tube. This design allows the second stage to breath equally well in nearly any swimming position (remaining dry even when the diver is upside down) and the side mounted exhaust directs the bubbles out of the field of vision. The diaphragm and purge are at an angle to the front of the regulator, meaning side breathing regulators resist free flow in current and are an excellent choice for use with diver propulsion vehicles (DPV). The second stages are also inherently ambidextrous, allowing both left and right hose routing without reconfiguration.

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