Poseidon DSV/ADV/BOV Mouthpiece (0005-055)

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One of the unique components of the Poseidon rebreather is its open circuit/closed circuit switch-able mouthpiece, that incorporates automatic diluent addition (ADV) functionality.

Poseidon DSV/ADV/BOV Mouthpiece (0005-055)

SE7EN BOV Mouthpiece
Poseidon DSV/ADV/BOV Mouthpiece (0005-055) SE7EN BOV Mouthpiece
  • Closed-circuit to open-circuit in one simple motion
  • Mouthpiece is compact and lightweight
  • DSV - bubble free diving with low work-of-breathing
  • BOV - high-performance open-circuit regulator
  • ADV - compensates for counterlung compression

In a significant new patented design, the Poseidon DSV/ADV/BOV Mouthpiece gives you the ability to switch from closed-circuit to open-circuit operation in one simple motion. This compact, switchable mouthpiece is lightweight and easy to breathe from, giving you high performance in both open-circuit and closed-circuit modes. In DSV mode the mouthpiece supports fully closed-circuit bubble free diving with low work-of-breathing. In BOV mode the mouthpiece incorporates a high-performance lightweight open-circuit regulator, based on Poseidon's reliable pilot-operated upstream demand valve design, that allows you to breathe it just like standard scuba. With a simple quarter-turn of an easy-to-operate switch, the mouthpiece switches between DSV (closed-circuit) and BOV (open-circuit) modes.

The mouthpiece also contains a patented system that integrates an automatic diluent addition valve (ADV), which compensates for depth-related compression of the counterlung breathing volume during descents. This ensures a full breath automatically, allowing for hands-free descents. The ADV functionality is incorporated into the mouthpiece with a special mechanism that adjusts the trigger tension on the open-circuit second stage when diving in closed circuit mode, so that gas is only added when the counterlung volume is insufficient to provide a full breath on inhalation.

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Alternative hose configuration for your Poseidon DSV/ADV/BOV

In our opinion, Poseidon's choice of low-pressure hose length for the DSV/ADV/BOV gas supply is much too long. For many divers, this will cause the hose to "bow out," creating unnecessary drag and tug on the mouth. This makes for an uncomfortable dive, particularly in current, and is made even worse because many divers also wrap the HUD wire around the same low-pressure hose. Some experienced Poseidon divers choose the shorter length of a {22 in | 56 cm} flex hose and a 70° swivel adapter with hose routing directly over the shoulder close to the neck, feeling it is more comfortable with less drag and pull. You can just as easily wrap the HUD wire around the loop hoses, it actually works better and is much quicker to wrap. See a picture above of our Lisa diving with this alternate hose routing.

Many CCR divers who are going to extreme depths prefer to have a slide valve shutoff on any ADV and/or BOV in the loop. You can easily add a shutoff to the Poseidon ADV/BOV functionality using the alternate hose routing configuration with the added benefit that the shutoff slider is located immediately adjacent to the mouthpiece where the closed-circuit/open-circuit switch is located. However, slide valve shutoffs also increase the risk that the diver will inadvertently shut off the gas supply to the ADV/BOV. If you add a shutoff, update your checklist to account for the presence of another valve. Dive Gear Express does not recommend inline shutoffs for sport CCR diving.


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