EtherFill 5000 Cylinder Fill System

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Download your fills from the Internet with the EtherFill™ 5000 Cylinder Fill System.

To use the EtherFill 5000, connect the Ethernet cable on the EtherFill 5000 to any RJ45 Ethernet port on your computer or network hub. Then connect the fill whip on the EtherFill 5000 to your cylinder. Attest that you are certified to use the gas you are about to download. Then begin downloading your gas fills from the Internet directly into your cylinder, using the EtherFill 5000. Watch the gauge, and when your cylinder is full, just close the handwheel on the fill whip, or abort the download. Just introduced on April 1st, Nitrox-ready, the EtherFill 5000 is rated up to 5000 psi service.

Caution: there are dangers involved in overfilling cylinders. The built-in flow restricter ensures that your fill rate never exceeds 500 psi per minute. Your actual fill rate is determined by the bandwidth of your Internet connection, not recommended for use over dialup. The EtherFill 5000 is supported only on the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system (we plan to skip straight to Windows 8.1 just as soon as we figure out how to make it work without a Start button.) Linux will be supported just as soon as someone in the Open Source community will debug the drivers. We've contacted Apple about developing an iPhone version but Apple is fussing about allowing in-app purchases. We have a tablet version currently in beta test for those divers seeking extremely flat gas for sidemount.

The fill whip on the EtherFill 5000 is a flexible high-pressure 60-inch hose with stainless steel fittings. The fill whip includes a valve and a male DIN connector. If you need a yoke connection, just spin on a DIN-to-Yoke adapter (working pressures limited to 3442 psi with the yoke adapter).

The pressure gauge is a quality SPG calibrated to 5000-psi in 100-psi increments. Its solid brass and tempered glass housing features a Bourdon tube mechanism. The Bourdon tube design provides the greatest degree of accuracy and reliability -- especially when enclosed in a solid-metal case. The EtherFill 5000 is also available as a metric version reading in BAR.

The hybrid Li-Po-Ni-MH battery technology on the EtherFill 5000 is similar to that found in the Samsung Note 7 devices. These batteries are substantially smaller and lighter than all other batteries offering comparable heat output.

The red LED indicates the status of the network congestion management algorithm. The LED blinks to indicate the EtherFill 5000 is searching for any network devices. Once found, each network device will be automatically shutdown. Thus you may rest assured that you will never experience network congestion problems with the EtherFill 5000.

As always, after you complete your breathing gas download, you should analyze your cylinder contents with an Oxygen Analyzer because your download might have been corrupted. You can double check your cylinder pressure with the DIN Cylinder Pressure Check Gauge.

Coming Soon -- The EtherFill 5000 Plus will enable you to upload your leftover fills to your own private storage bank in 'Microsoft Cloud'. You will be able to use your stored gas yourself at a later date, share it with your buddy, or trade it with other EtherFill 5000 Plus owners. For green rebreather divers concerned about CO2 emissions, the EtherFill 5000 Plus will allow you to upload CO2 from your scrubber and reduce your carbon footprint. Many have suggested we add a USB option and we are researching the feasibility of an O2 compatible USB cable allowing you to store gas on any 5000 psi rated thumb drive.

We are currently working on an FAQ for EtherFill 5000. If you have a question, please submit it to

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EtherFill 5000 Compatibility

There have been some reports of compatibility issues with the EtherFill 5000. The problem seems to be that the network congestion management algorithm shuts down the entire Internet, thus causing the download to hang. If you order the EtherFill 5000 while we are pondering how best to resolve this minor issue, we will send you an endless list of excuses.


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