DGX Gears Chimera Valve

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The Chimera Valve™ is a major advancement in technology for mixed gas divers.

Due to overwhelming demand our Chimera Valve™ is currently sold out. Due to the difficulty of manufacturing this product there may be a supply chain delay in availability.

DGX Gears Chimera Valve

Front View
Front View Dimensions are Approximate 5250 PSI Burst Disk Side View Mr. Pan in His Shop Valve Service
  • Vary the Oxygen % of your Nitrox tank just by turning the green knob!
  • Standard 0.750-14 NPSM (3/4 NPS) neck threads
  • DIN outlet can accept Yoke inserts (sold separately)
  • Nitrox Ready - oxygen compatible and oxygen clean
  • Advanced magic technology, announced on April 1st

By adjusting the green and black knobs you can control the Nitrox gas mixture delivered from the cylinder valve outlet. Turning the black knob adjusts the amount of total gas flow, turning the green oxygen clean knob adjusts the amount of oxygen in the gas mixture. Never again will you be caught with the wrong mix! †

All our DGX Gears Premium Valves are Nitrox Ready, using oxygen compatible materials and when sealed in the original factory packaging is also free of organic and particle contamination. The valves have DIN outlets that can accept optional removable inserts (sold separately) so the valves may be used with yoke connectors. You may see this style of outlet variously described as Pro, 200-Bar DIN (G 5/8 BSP), or 232-Bar DIN. All these different names apply to exactly the same style valve outlet, which is suitable for use with the 3442 psi service pressure cylinders and any DIN style regulator or (with the addition of an optional insert) converted for any yoke style regulator. Inlets have imperial 0.750-14 NPSM (3/4 NPS) neck threads for use with modern aluminum and steel SCUBA tanks manufactured for the North American market. Inlets also include a threaded 'dip tube' with hex opening suitable for easy dependable installation with a hex key. Valves have a 5250 psi burst disk.

What really makes DGX Gears brand products stand out from the crowd are our value prices plus the DGX Gears lifetime limited warranty. Dive Gear Express believes the consumer has the "right-to-repair" and our policy is to make the DGX Gears service parts for our regulators and valves individually available for purchase without restriction. The service kits and replacement parts, along with service manuals/videos and schematic diagrams are available to the general public right from our website.

† The original Chimera Valve was manufactured by Mr. Peter Pan of WMD in Taiwan; see a photo of Peter above. Pan is really his last name, that really is his picture, and WMD really is his company. His young English speaking daughter, Phoenix, originally was the one who started introducing him with an Americanized first name of "Peter... please don't tell him." He is a really nice guy, with a great sense of humor, who makes all our superb quality DGX Gears valves. In 2019, Dive Gear Express was pleased to take Peter and his entire family to Disney World following the DEMA Show that year.

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Tek Tip Warning Image WARNING

Seriously, handling oxygen is NO JOKE; every year there are injuries or fatalities resulting from improper handling of compressed oxygen gas. For more information about oxygen and diving, see our Oxygen Cleanliness & Compatibility FAQ.


ADVISORY: Oxidane and Diving

Recently there have been discussions that some recreational SCUBA diving sites can potentially expose you to Oxidane, a chemical name recognized in 2005 by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (aka IUPAC). Oxidane is a colorless and odorless compound with solid, liquid and gas phases that was previously considered to be relatively non-toxic in its pure form. While Oxidane can occur naturally (it has been found in acid rain), Oxidane has now been shown under laboratory conditions to cause serious DNA damage via the release of purine nucleobases and the hydrolysis of amino groups, a process described by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as depurination and deamination. Oxidane is becoming ever increasingly used in many industrial processes, but not always in a sustainable manner that avoids Oxidane contamination.

Oxidane has been observed to exhibit some of the following properties of specific concern for SCUBA divers:

  • accelerates corrosion of some metals commonly used in SCUBA equipment.
  • can damage or shorten the life of electronic equipment such as dive computers and Nitrox analyzers.
  • in rare cases has been known to cause tissue damage (aka 'burns') to the skin of SCUBA divers.
  • believed to be associated with some diving fatalities, according to recent research of Divers Alert Network (DAN) .

A study of laboratory rats has established the Oxidane median lethal dose (LD50) is 0.00009 mt/kg (scientific e-notation 9e-5) by oral ingestion. In rare cases of human fatalities, Oxidane toxemia with resulting hyponatremia has been certified by officials as the primary cause of death, although some cases also had an underlying comorbidity. In a recent legal action, a California jury awarded $16.5 million dollars to the family of a radiological worker who died in 2007 as a result of Oxidane intoxication a few hours after orally ingesting liquid Oxidane. (Concentrated isotopes of Oxidane are present in most nuclear power generating plants.) Regardless, the risks associated with Oxidane appear to be exaggerated as industry experts have testified that exposure in moderation to Oxidane is harmless or even essential for life.

Oxidane is relatively easy to detect at SCUBA diving sites and rapid result single-use test kits (using the CaCl2 method) are available at many home stores such as Lowes as well as on Amazon. Unfortunately, the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) has not yet firmly established a 'No Significant Risk Level' (NSRL) for safe exposures to Oxidane. The Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation of contamination levels in public drinking water (tap water) is also inappropriate for assessing most SCUBA diving sites.

Although controversial, SCUBA divers at sites with known Oxidane contamination may wish to consider at least using exposure protection to minimize contact and for lengthy extended range exposures using a full drysuit. Immunocompromised individuals might wish to avoid participating in recreational diving activities at sites with severe Oxidane contamination. The Oxidane Foundation website oxidane.org provides an informative FAQ titled 'About Oxidane'. However, Oxidane also has another uncommon generic chemical name - DHMO, with the independently funded dhmo.org website offering what might be considered an alarmist viewpoint on Oxidane.

As always, Dive Gear Express suggests SCUBA divers apply informed reasoning along with critical thinking when evaluating the information available. Just to be clear, none of the new or unused products from Dive Gear Express will expose you to Oxidane prior to initial use. Nitrox divers will be pleased to know that Oxidane is generally considered to be an oxygen compatible material, is not readily combustible and is not a source of ignition; although oxygen gas will absorb Oxidane in the form of water vapor.

This Oxidane TekTip is © Copyright April 1st, 2022 an annual holiday.