Divesoft SOLO Trimix Analyzer

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The Divesoft SOLO Trimix Analyzer has a compact, lightweight and durable body made from injection molded ABS/PC plastic, thus is ideal for travel.

Divesoft SOLO Trimix Analyzer

Analyzer Display in Air
Analyzer Display in Air In the Storage Case Complete Kit In Use Flow Limiter and Gas Intake Port, UCB-C Plug Side View - Exhaust Port Analyzer - SOLO | Introduction & Unboxing Analyzer - Use of Flow limiter with Analyzer SOLO SOLO Analyzer - Firmware Update
  • Measures oxygen and helium in your diving mixes
  • Lightweight, portable and durable for use in any environment
  • The SOLO has also in-built calculator for mixing gases.
  • Lifetime He sensor uses innovative method for measuring helium concentration

The Divesoft SOLO Trimix Analyzer has a compact { 3.2 × 7.9 × 1.5 in | 85 × 205 × 40 mm }, lightweight { 0.93 lb 14.8 oz | 420 g } and durable body made from injection molded ABS/PC plastic, thus is ideal for travel. The SOLO analyzer offers a membrane keypad, an easy-to-read OLED display and intuitive controls. The USB-C connector makes it easy to program and takes less than 4 hours to fully charge.

Calibration can be performed using one, two or three gas measurements. Single-point calibration is fast, especially if air is chosen as the calibrating mix. For greater accuracy, two-point calibration can be used with two different mixes, typically air and pure oxygen. For strongly hypoxic mixes, i.e. mixes containing less than approximately 15% oxygen, three-point calibration is recommended. In this case, the third calibration gas should be a gas with zero oxygen content, i.e. pure helium or argon. The SOLO Analyzer uses an R22 (Molex connector) Oxygen sensor, which is easy to replace and has a life expectancy in the analyzer of 2 years. The Oxygen concentration measurement range is from 0 to 100%.

Using a patented measuring method, the helium content is determined based on measuring the speed of sound in the analyzed mix, which depends on the content of helium and oxygen, and the temperature of the mix. The measurement temperature range is { 32 - 104 ° F | 0 to + 40 ° C}. The dependence of the speed of sound on pressure is small and can be disregarded under normal atmospheric pressure. This method also means there is no helium sensor to replace. The SOLO Helium concentration measurement range is from 0 to 100%

To use, simply place the flow limiter into the gas intake port, and push into the DIN valve. Nominal gas flow rate is 0.2 L / min.

Includes a simple flow limiter for a standard DIN 200 or 300 bar valve, padded storage case and USB-C to USB cable. The SOLO comes with a 24 month warranty, 12 months on the battery. The battery life is 120 measurements or 4 hours of continuous operation, and is replaceable through an authorized service center.

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Tek Tip Warning Image WARNING

Although tolerant of ordinary non-condensing humidity and water resistant, no analyzer is waterproof. Operation of any analyzer in boat spray, even brief immersion in water, or damp storage such as with wet dive gear may cause corrosion of the internal electronics or deposits on the face of the sensor. The result can be erratic operation such as error codes, battery warnings, or possibly inaccurate analysis readings without any indication of a fault. Always operate and store your analyzer in dry conditions, and if you suspect the analyzer has been exposed to wet conditions then discontinue use until the equipment has been serviced.