DGX Gears SoftPack BCD Package

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The DGX Gears SoftPack BCD package is an excellent value that includes a well padded soft backplate harness integrated with a DGX Gears S1 Wing.
Size the harness based on your preference for a US adult men's t-shirt size. See product description below for detailed sizing advice.

DGX Gears SoftPack BCD Package

Package Includes Harness (Large Shown), Wing, Tank Straps and Weight Pockets (12 Pounds Shown)
Package Includes Harness (Large Shown), Wing, Tank Straps and Weight Pockets (12 Pounds Shown) Harness Size Options Weight Pocket System Options Side View of DGX Gears SoftPack Harness Back View of DGX Gears S1 Wing
  • Backpack style BCD features soft backplate with single tank wing
  • Comfortable well padded back, shoulders and waist
  • Includes our DGX Gears "Top Seller" Accessories: S1 Singles Wing, Weight Pockets, and S/S Tank Straps
  • Choice of three sizes with wide range of adjustability in shoulders, waist and crotch
  • SoftPack package ships fully assembled

The very comfortable DGX Gears SoftPack package is an excellent value harness and wing style back-inflation BCD that includes a well padded soft backplate integrated with well padded shoulder and waist straps along with a DGX Gears S1 Wing, two tank straps (no STA required) and two utility weight pockets. This backpack style BCD is well suited to travel and warm water single tank diving.

SoftPack BCD Package Includes:

  • DGX Gears SoftPack Harness in your choice of size
  • DGX Gears S1 Singles Wing w/16-inch corrugated inflation assembly and plain elbow
  • Two DGX Gears Tank Straps w/stainless cam buckles
  • Two DGX Gears Utility Weight Pockets, in your choice of 8 or 12 lb capacity
  • Package ships assembled, unless otherwise requested

Choice of Three Sizes to Fit Most Adults: The Large and X-Large size have the same 18-inch long soft backplate, and differ only in the length of the shoulder padding. The Small has a shorter 16-inch long backplate with proportionately shorter shoulder pads. The waist straps and crotch strap on all the sizes are very generous and not normally a concern for sizing. There is considerable adjustability in the shoulder straps, so sizing is not critical. Size the harness based on your preference for a US adult men's t-shirt size (use next larger t-shirt size for reference if wearing thick wetsuit):

  • Choose the Small size harness if you wear an x-small or small size t-shirt
  • Choose the Large size harness if you wear a medium or large size t-shirt
  • Choose the X-Large size harness if you wear an x-large or xx-large size t-shirt
  • If you have an exceptionally short or long torso, then the sizes available in this harness may not be appropriate
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I've been diving for decades ...
Oct 31, 2022
I've been diving for decades but a boat diver in Florida since 2017. My BC in Northern California has a ton of lift which is unnessary diving in warm water with less lead. My California BC is actually faded from sunlight after 30 years of use. I shopped online for a BC with 30 lbs of lift, which is good versatile size. The materials, features, quality and price of this BC are all great. it's sturdy construction. I have money, but I still can't understand guys buying a BC for $1000+ for the S logo. It was comfortable to dive with. I use a rubber weight usually but the pockets were good altough maybe I should have picked larger ones. I was considering a BC from Hog, Hollis, DiveRite, OMS, XS Scuba, Zeagle but I decided on this BC and I'm very pleased with it.
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Really good BCD for it's intended purpose.
Sep 29, 2022
Really good BCD for it's intended purpose. I bought 2 of these for myself and my son, mainly for travel. We have had them in the water on about 5 dives now and here are my thoughts: Perfect Soft pack BCD for singles, just short of dry-suit level protection. I have not needed more than 12 Lbs of weight diving up to 5m full-suits with hood and boots. The wing performs flawlessly. Nice construction, comfortable, etc. What would I change? 1. Crotch strap, having a sewn loop would help, I love the loop end of my clip crotch strap at the end of the first dive in murky water and never found it. I replaced it with the XS sewn loop crotch strap with riveted d ring. 2. I would change tank straps to something like the XS Stainless bands. The DGX bands don't allow you to strap mount weight for trim. 3. Book screws, 100% change them from plastic to Stainless and blue loc-tite them. I lost one of the plastic screws after my 5th dive, awaiting replacement stainless screws now. Those three tweaks make this a super solid soft pack at a really affordable price with a ton of function. The 30Lb wing is about as perfect as you can get for travel while still providing plenty of lift for nearly any singles situation. DGX, allowing those options on this BCD when ordering would be an amazing addition to your site!
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Will back inflation float an unconscious diver face up?

PFD Example

We usually hear this from divers who have always worn a jacket style BC, and we'd like to point out that it's irrelevant. It's true, the US Coast Guard requires an approved wearable Personal Floatation Device (PFD) to float the unconscious victim face up in the water. But a Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) for scuba divers is not designed to be a PFD for an unconscious boating accident victim, regardless if the BC is jacket or back inflation. We only offer back inflation style because experienced divers have learned the harness, backplate and wing BCD is better than a jacket BCD, offering very precise control of buoyancy and trim as well as offering a more streamlined profile. An improperly fit back inflation BCD might cause you to tip forward, but a properly fit harness worn with a crotch strap will allow you to assume and hold any position under the water or on the surface.

When on the surface, divers unfamiliar with back inflation will need to break the habit of holding down the power inflator until they feel squeeze (there won't be any) or hear the OPV release. With an over inflated aircell they will have a huge amount of buoyancy on their back, causing them to float too high in the water and tip forward. Instead, they should add only enough gas until their head is just above the water.