DGX Custom - DGX Gears D6 Single Tank Reg Package

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The DGX Custom - DGX Gears D6 Single Tank Reg Package provides everything you need for a high performance regulator setup in a Hogarthian single tank configuration.

DGX Custom - DGX Gears D6 Single Tank Reg Package

DGX Gears D6 Single Tank Reg Package
DGX Gears D6 Single Tank Reg Package D6 DIN First Stage D6 Second Stage
  • Complete high performance hogarthian single tank configuration
  • Assembled, tested and shipped to you ready-to-dive
  • Choose braided flex or rubber hoses
  • Salt, Fresh, Warm or Cold Water and Nitrox Ready
  • DIN or Yoke - dive anywhere in the world

Everything you need for a high performance regulator setup in a Hogarthian single tank configuration. The package, using DGX Gears D6 regulators, is completely assembled by Dive Gear Express.

Included with this Package:

  • One DGX Gears D6 First Stage and two DGX Gears D6 Second Stages
  • One { 60 in | 1.5 m } or { 84 in | 2.1 m } Reg Hose for the primary
  • One { 22 in | 56 cm } Reg Hose for the secondary
  • One "Brass and Glass" SPG with { 26 in | 66 cm } HP Hose
  • DIN-to-Yoke Spin-On Adapter, Necklace, S/S Bolt Snap, DIN Cap
  • Optionally add a BC Inflator Hose or use the one that comes with your BC

The DGX Gears D6 First Stage is a balanced diaphragm design featuring five standard size low pressure 3/8-inch ports on a swiveling turret, and two standard size high pressure 7/16-inch ports. The first stage is environmentally sealed for cold water performance, comes standard with a 300-BAR DIN connector, and is Nitrox Ready.

The DGX Gears D6 second stage is pneumatically balanced for excellent breathing at any depth. Internally it contains a chrome plated brass air barrel for performance and durability. The black soft touch silicone front cover for easy purge and along with a user adjustable breathing resistance knob. It also offers the Venturi Dive / Pre-Dive switch for better flow control when needed and to reduce free flow upon initial entry.

Our recommended service interval is every two years or one hundred dives. There is nothing unique about the DGX regulators in terms of service requirements and needs no special tools beyond those generic tools found on the typical regulator technicians bench. We sell the DGX Gears D6 service parts kits direct to the public.

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Brand DGX Gears
SKU PK-741006
Weight 7.500000

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Verified Buyer
Great quality and value
Nov 27, 2018
I am impressed with the little details on this regulator such as the compact turret design and the coating. The second stage design is exactly what I want - classic balanced adjustable. This set is an amazing value.
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Verified Buyer
Best reg for price and super fast shipping
Mar 23, 2018
I received this reg this month and have been on 15 dives. So far there are really only 2 things that I can complain about. One is not function but something that can I wondered about. No dust cover for the yoke. Here there are only a few tanks that have din valves so I keep the yoke adapter on. I ordered a cheap dust cover and that was fixed easy. The other thing that I can't seem to figure out is that when I go head first, the reg takes in a lot of water. This is only the second reg that I have used, but it didn't take water in. I am happy with this reg set and for the price, you can't beat it. I have always heard here that they DGX will get stuff here fast and that isn't a lie. One week to an APO in the middle of the Pacific. You guys rock.
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Verified Buyer
Best regs for the money!!!
Oct 29, 2017
I love the new DXG Deep Six regs. For the price, you won't find another reg of the same quality. Another home run by DGX.
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How Long is Your Hose?

Dive Gear Express offers regulator configurations that are suitable for hogarthian (aka 'DIR') style diving. A subset of our other regulator packages, the design of the second stages in these selected packages allows the cover to be removed and replaced underwater in order to clear silt or debris, a hogarthian requirement. True hogarthian or not, all of these DGX Custom regulator packages are already configured for hogarthian hose routing to eliminate bowing and dangling hoses. You get the correct length hoses and there is no extra 'hose kit' to buy, making these packages an even better value.

Hogarthian hose routing for doubles yields 'standard' hose lengths that work most divers, but not everyone. Nearly all overhead divers with doubles use a standard { 84 in | 2.1 m } LP hose but a few open water divers use a shorter { 60 | 1.5 m } LP hose for their primary second stage, and both put the backup second stage on a { 22 in | 56 cm} LP hose hung on a necklace directly below their chin. Most doubles divers use a standard {24 in 61| cm} HP hose for their pressure gauge, but some divers (either diving singles or who like to hold their gauge a little further away for reading) prefer a slightly longer {26 in | 66 cm} HP hose. Most divers select a standard {22 in | 56 cm} BC power inflator hose, but a few divers prefer to have the power inflator rest very high on their shoulder and use a shorter {18 in | 46 cm} BC hose. Our configuration tool allows you to build a regulator package to your specifications.