DGX Custom - Apeks XTX200 Flagship Streamlined OW Reg Package

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The DGX Custom - Apeks XTX200 Flagship Streamlined OW Regulator Package comes completely assembled by Dive Gear Express; this modern open water configuration is ready to dive. Based on the Apeks XTX200 Flagship Regulator together with our premium accessories.

DGX Custom - Apeks XTX200 Flagship Streamlined OW Reg Package

Flagship OW Reg Package with DIN First Stage
Flagship OW Reg Package with DIN First Stage Flagship OW Reg Package with YOKE First Stage Choice of DIN or Native Yoke Connector Fitting Sample Hose Routing XTX200 Chrome Adjustable 2nd Stage XTX50 Black Adjustable 2nd Stage Apeks Bungee Necklace Connector Both Narrow (Compact) and Wide Tees are Included Wide and Narrow (Compact) Tee Comparison 2-Stage Purge Button Medium SPG Option Diver Changeable Exhaust Birth of a Scuba Diving Regulator
  • Apeks XTX series flagship regulator, "Top-shelf" quality and ultra performance design
  • Assembled, tested and shipped to you ready-to-dive
  • Extreme environments and Nitrox Ready
  • Choice of DIN (plus a DIN-to-Yoke spin-on adapter) or native Yoke 1st stage fitting

The Apeks Flagship Streamlined Open Water Regulator Package for single tank divers is an Apeks FSR first stage, and an XTX200 primary second stage plus an XTX50 backup second stage together with our DGX premium accessories. The Nitrox Ready package comes configured with DGX premium double braided flex or rubber hoses and your choice of DIN (plus a DIN-to-Yoke spin-on adapter) or native Yoke 1st stage fitting. Replacing the archaic "octopus" rig, see our TekTip below for an explanation of this modern regulator setup that is our most popular package configuration.

Included with this Package:

  • Apeks FSR environmentally sealed first stage with choice of DIN (plus a DGX DIN-to-Yoke spin-on adapter) or native Yoke connector fitting
  • Apeks XTX200 Chrome adjustable second stage as primary w/ wide exhaust tee
  • Apeks XTX50 Black adjustable second stage as backup w/compact exhaust tee
  • Apeks bungee connector system necklace installed on the backup (unless otherwise requested)
  • Additional set of both wide and compact exhaust tees
  • DGX { 40 in | 1.0 m } Reg Hose for the primary, plus 70° pivot swivel
  • DGX { 22 in | 56 cm } Reg Hose for the secondary
  • DGX { 22 in | 56 cm } BC Inflator Hose
  • DGX heavy-duty "Brass & Glass" Tech SPG with { 26 in | 66 cm } HP Hose and S/S Bolt Snap
  • Choice of rubber or double braided flex hose material

The package comes completely assembled and tested by Dive Gear Express with our premium accessories and is ready to dive.

All hoses for the regulator are in your choice of rubber or braided flex. The primary second stage is on a { 40 in | 1.0 m } hose with a 70° pivot swivel, and the backup second stage is on a { 22 in | 57 cm } hose with a necklace. The heavy-duty tech SPG, in your choice of PSI or BAR, is on a { 26 in | 66 cm } HP hose with a S/S snap, and a { 22 in | 57 cm } inflator hose is also included. The easy-to-read SPG features a chrome-plated all brass {2 in | 5 cm } diameter housing with a tempered mineral glass face and beryllium copper Bourdon tube mechanism incorporating rack and pinion movement (aka 'pinned') providing the greatest degree of accuracy and reliability.

The Apeks XTX series flagship FSR first stage is a unique over-balanced, diaphragm design - as the diver descends, the over-balancing feature allows the intermediate pressure gas in the hose to increase at a rate faster than ambient resulting in superb performance at extreme depths. The forged and polished chrome plated body has two standard high pressure 7/16-inch fixed angle ports plus four standard high-flow low pressure 3/8-inch fixed angle ports in an orientation that Apeks describes as being optimum for streamlined hose routing. The beefy body functions as a heat sink together with an environmental seal keeps water out of the main spring chamber thus preventing ice buildup and keeping silt and contamination out. The FSR is available in choice of DIN (plus a DIN-to-Yoke spin-on adapter) or native Yoke connector fitting and is Nitrox Ready.

Unique among the Apeks XTX series first stages, only the FSR has a removable ARCAP high-pressure seat crown. ARCAP is a high-tech metal alloy with very high tensile strength and is resistant to chemical corrosion, low temperatures and temperature change. The insulation from the surrounding environment provided by the beefy forged body, together with the replaceable HP seat made of the ARCAP alloy, means the FSR offers exceptional tolerance for cold water and contaminated environments.

The Apeks XTX series second stages are a pneumatically-balanced downstream design that results in smooth, easy breathing. The purge button is large and easy to operate and features two-step progressive operation. Press the purge on the side for a lower flow rate, useful where more control is required such as filling lift bags, then press in the center for the full effect of the purge such as when clearing water. The large venturi lever has a soft touch rubber grip, which makes it easier to locate and use. Easy-to-grip opening effort adjustment knob keeps the diver in control at all times. A heat exchanger surrounding the valve mechanism dissipates the cold caused by gas expansion while drawing in and retaining ambient heat.

The Apeks XTX200 second stage is black color with a polished chrome ring on the body cover and configured as the primary with the popular Apeks Comfo-bite™ premium mouthpiece that greatly reduces jaw fatigue. The XTX50 is an all black color with the same ultra-performance and configured as the backup with an Apeks bungee connector system necklace. The XTX second stage design also supports an innovative user changeable exhaust tee. This system gives the diver the ability to change between a narrow exhaust tee that makes the second stage more compact and a wide exhaust tee that offers the best bubble dispersion; both are included in this package.

Apeks brand regulators include a Limited Lifetime Warranty as long as they are inspected or serviced annually by an AQUALUNG AMERICA Authorized Dealer. This warranty covers the original owner against defects in parts or workmanship for the lifetime of the regulator and includes the Free-Parts-For-Life Program as outlined on their website.

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Customer Reviews

Streamlined Open Water Regulator Configuration

Example Setups of Back Inflation with Long Hose

The Streamlined Open Water regulator set up is designed to keep hoses from dangling and also to maximize diver comfort. This configuration is very streamlined and efficient; it's the most popular single tank package configuration style offered by Dive Gear Express. In the streamlined configuration, the hose on the primary regulator routes under the diver's arm, lies flat against the chest, and neatly joins the second stage with a fixed-angle pivot swivel adapter, reducing mouth fatigue because the hose is no longer 'tugging' on your mouth. The backup regulator is tucked safely under the chin, allowing immediate access. In an emergency, the primary is donated while the backup is always instantly available. The SPG is clipped to the waist D-ring using the snap.

International Training (SDI) has provided an animated image that illustrates the benefit of this configuration when donating to another diver. In an emergency, the long hose primary second stage in your mouth is donated to your buddy in need and the short hose backup second stage is transferred to your mouth. Notice the tremendous speed which the out-of-air diver can receive the donation of a known good regulator with the venturi lever and cracking pressure adjustment knob both properly configured; no fumbling to reach a 'safe second' tucked away somewhere. You also gain the streamlined advantage of this configuration that keeps both hose lengths fairly short while routing the hoses much closer to your body. The streamlined configuration is a huge benefit when diving in current and when hunting. However, for best streamlining the diver also needs to leave that snorkel in the gear bag.

Technical divers always donate their longer hose primary, and never color code either regulator. For sport diving with the streamlined configuration, we also prefer the covers of both primary and backup second stages should be black. However, if you agree with the sport diving theory that in an out-of-air situation the donated regulator should be clearly apparent in the golden triangle, then the primary should have the yellow cover. Along the same line of thought, it is probably not a good idea to highlight the backup second stage with a yellow cover since it is on a hose too short to donate. Never-the-less, the photo of this configuration shows the short hose backup with a yellow cover just to differentiate the two regulators for the purposes of this illustration.