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The Garmin Descent is a multi-activity smartwatch that also includes the features of a decompression dive computer supporting multi-gas nitrox and trimix.

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Garmin Descent Mk2/Mk2i/Mk2s Model Differences

Mk2 vs Mk2s Comparison

For those sport and technical divers who like a wrist-watch form factor suitable for everyday wear, the Garmin Descent builds on the features of their premium multi-activity GPS smartwatches to add SCUBA diving functionality.

  • The Garmin Descent series is based on their fēnix® multi-activity smartwatch adding sport and technical SCUBA diving functionality that includes support for mixed gases including Nitrox and Trimix. The Mk2 and Mk2i models are both based on the largest fēnix® 6X and the Mk2s model is based on the smallest fēnix® 6s.
  • The Mk2 and Mk2i are larger than the Mk2s in over all size (52x52x18 vs 43x43x14 mm) and weight (104 vs 60 grams) with a wider wristband (26 vs 20 mm). The displays of the Mk2 and Mk2i offer 36% more viewing area (1.4 vs 1.2 inch diameter) and higher resolution (280x280 vs 240x240 pixels).
  • The larger physical case size of the Mk2 and Mk2i enables them to have a higher capacity battery. Depending on the features enabled, the Mk2 and Mk2i have slightly more than double the battery life of the Mk2s.
  • The top-of-the-line Mk2i model adds support for their SubWave™ sonar data network which can share real time data — such as remaining dive time, gas consumption rate and more — while underwater during the dive between you and other Mk2i divers with {33 feet | 10 meters}.
  • The MK2i model also supports hoseless gas cylinder pressure integration, sometimes called air integration (AI), with up to five (5) separately purchased optional Descent T1 Tank Pod wireless pressure transmitters. No other Garmin Descent model (without the little 'i') supports AI. Mk2 vs Mk2s Comparison
  • The only other significant differences between the Garmin Descent models are their cosmetics, especially bezel materials and colors. Garmin sometimes offers bundles with specific accessory packages such as different wrist bands, but the core Descent features remain as described above.

On land, every Descent model also functions as a robust training and outdoor companion. They have profiles for running, cycling, swimming, as well as indoor workouts and recreational activities such as boating, golf, hiking, climbing, skiing and much more. They support dual satellite based navigation systems (on the surface only) with onscreen topographic mapping and pinpoint location reference. Thanks to built-in Bluetooth, they support notifications from a paired smartphone. All Descent models are able to connect via Wi-Fi and automatically send activity uploads, including your dive logs, for review or sharing on Garmin Connect.