Garmin T1 Transmitter Air Spool and Flow Restrictor Kit

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Replacement flow restrictor and air spool for Descent T1 Transmitter.

Garmin T1 Transmitter Air Spool and Flow Restrictor Kit

Air Spool and Restrictor
Air Spool and Restrictor

The Descent T1 Transmitter should always be installed using either a flow restrictor or an air spool, both included with this kit. Which one is used depends on the method of installation. The flow restrictor should be installed on a Descent T1 when it is attached directly to the high pressure port on a first stage regulator. When the T1 is attached to a high pressure hose, the air spool should be used. Using the transmitter without either the flow restrictor or air spool could result in serious injury or death from an air pressurization failure. Both are included in this product, and are replacements for the one included with the T1 transmitter package. Refer to the Descent T1 Manual for more details.

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