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The BlackTip brings high-performance underwater scooters to the market at prices never before thought possible! The BlackTip scooter series includes three models: the compact and lightweight TRAVEL scooter, the neutral and trim TECH scooter, and the EXPLORATION scooter for those who push the limits.

The BlackTip Scooters ship in TWO cartons. Free shipping is not available on this product.

Due to the unique nature of the product, this item is NON-RETURNABLE. Your complete satisfaction is our goal, so please consider carefully before purchase.

This product does not include batteries or chargers, this allows us to ship with no restrictions. † See note below for battery details.

diveX BlackTip Scooter Series

Size Comparison and Length from Nose to Tail
Size Comparison and Length from Nose to Tail Front View Body Tube and Tail are Boxed Separately and Require Assembly Rear View Which BlackTip Should I Buy? Full-Length Scooter Breakdown (feat. Aaron Moser) BlackTip User Manual: Out of the Box UPDATED BlackTip Specs & Features
  • Powered by a pair of commonly-found power tool batteries
  • Features a built-in LED display screen
  • Can be taken on all commercial flights
  • Features eight speed modes
  • Incredibly quiet and more efficient than ever

DiveX has announced the BlackTip is now shipping with Bluetooth enabled to allow some program setting changes to be performed via their smartphone app, rather than using USB and a desktop app. All of the inventory at Dive Gear Express IS fresh and therefore is Bluetooth and app enabled.

The BlackTip brings high-performance underwater scooters to the market at prices never before thought possible! The BlackTip scooter series includes three models: the compact and lightweight TRAVEL scooter, the neutral and trim TECH scooter, and the EXPLORATION scooter for those who push the limits.

  • If you travel a large amount and weight is critical, then the TRAVEL model is your best choice. The Travel model does not float trim in the water, however it can be made neutral. The Travel model will always float in a nose-up trim, which will be more significant with a pair of the larger 9 or 12 Ah batteries than with the smaller 4, 5, or 6 Ah batteries. When underway it does not affect scooter handling or diver buoyancy, but some divers have reported a preference for making their BlackTip Travel 2-3 lbs negative to make it trim rather than neutral.
  • If you would like a scooter that floats trim, the TECH model is the best choice and by far the most popular model selected by Dive Gear Express customers. It works best with a pair of the larger 9Ah or 12Ah batteries, floats both trim and neutral, and comes with an integral fresh/saltwater trim plate.
  • If you need longer duration, then the EXPLORATION is the best choice. It’s bigger and heavier, but fits four batteries for double the range and runtime of the other batteries. It’s definitely a lot more scooter than you need for tech and sport dives, but if you push the limits of dive duration, this is the scooter for you.

Features of diveX BlackTip Scooter Series

  • SILENT OPERATION - The BlackTip now includes updated drive firmware, with silent operation and more power efficiency.
  • LED DISPLAY - The BlackTip features a built-in LED display screen. The screen displays: Current speed setting, Battery charge level, Battery errors from battery depletion or voltage inconsistency.
  • TRIGGER & SPEED - During normal operation in water, the BlackTip features eight speed modes. To activate the scooter, press the thumb trigger twice. The BlackTip will briefly engage ‘safe start’ mode to detect whether it is in water, then will switch to normal operation mode and start in speed 3 (known as ‘cruise speed’). Once your BlackTip is running, pressing the thumb trigger twice will accelerate the scooter by one speed, and pressing the trigger once will slow the scooter down by one speed.
  • SAFE START - Activating the BlackTip out of water will start the propeller in a low-power, slow-turning mode. This helps to minimize the risk of bodily injury or damage to equipment. When the propeller detects water resistance, it will automatically switch to normal operating mode.
  • STANDARD BATTERIES - The BlackTip is powered by widely available power tool batteries installed directly into the body. This makes the scooter easy to charge and even easier to extend total dive time by easily swapping out batteries in the field between dives. At a cruising speed of {150 ft/min | 45 m/min}, the approximate runtime with a pair of 5Ah batteries is 50 minutes and with a pair of 12Ah batteries is 123 minutes.
  • AIR TRAVEL FRIENDLY - Your BlackTip can be taken on all commercial flights. By utilizing removable and compact power tool batteries, the BlackTip keeps within the TSA/IATA air travel limits on lithium batteries. While all three models share this feature, the BlackTip Travel’s compact size combined with its weight of only 24lbs make it the most travel-friendly configuration.

For more videos, visit the divextras BlackTip YouTube page.

† The BlackTip Scooter accepts rechargeable lithium-ion power tool batteries with the DCB connector. The widely available batteries may be purchased online and at home stores or "big box" retailers. In the USA these are commonly 20v, whereas in Europe they are 18v. Supported amp hours are 5Ah, 6Ah, 9Ah, and 12Ah battery capacities. You will also need to purchase a compatible charger for your batteries. For optimal performance in your BlackTip Scooter, we recommend brand name quality batteries with matching amp hour capacities and ages.

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Operating a Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV, aka scooter) requires simultaneous depth control, buoyancy adjustment, monitoring of breathing gas, and navigation. Use of any DPV requires formal training because improper use can result in injury or death. Use in overhead environments requires breathing gas planning that must allow for alternative propulsion in case of DPV failure. DPV operation in confined spaces or limited visibility can increase the risk of impact with the surroundings at speeds where injury is more likely.

ANY DAMAGE as a result of modifications to the functionality of Blacktip DPV, such as installing 3rd party components or changes to program settings, is the responsibility of the user and is not covered under the Dive-Xtras product warranty.