Shearwater Research Teric with Bezel/Strap Color Choice

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The Teric dive computer incorporates the powerful Shearwater feature set in a wristwatch-sized form factor.

Shearwater offers the SWIFT transmitter(s) at a reduced price when bundled with the simultaneous purchase of any color Teric.

Shearwater Research Teric with Bezel/Strap Color Choice

Bezel Color Options
Bezel Color Options In the Travel Case Complete Kit Customize Your Teric with FREE Color Strap! Size Comparison with Perdix and SWIFT - Transmitter Optional On Wrist Rear View With Extender Strap Side View Dive Log Screen Induction Charging Stand Installation/Removal Screwdriver Tools and Spare Strap Pin Teric Introduction Teric User Interface Teric Home Screen Configuration Different Straps for the Teric
  • Nitrox & Trimix decompression dive computer in wrist-watch form factor
  • Bühlmann ZHL-16c algorithm with configurable Gradient Factors
  • Supports optional wireless tank pressure transmitters
  • Switchable audible and vibration alerts
  • Supports Open-Circuit, Fixed PO2, Gauge, and Freediving Modes

The Teric from Shearwater Research of Canada is a full technical dive computer with recreational divers in mind. The Teric includes open-circuit and closed-circuit Air, Nitrox and Trimix multi-gas functionality along with a three-axis tilt-compensated digital compass. It has Recreational, Gauge, Freediving, Open-Circuit Tech and Closed-Circuit/Bail-Out modes. The Teric has four buttons and incorporates situation adaptable logic menus to make operating and diving the Teric very intuitive. The Teric is also very configurable; for example you can set a button to give you a single press access to different tools like compass, stopwatch, countdown timer, etc. There are haptic (vibration) and audible alarms that can be disabled (none, either, both) to prevent annoying other divers in the vicinity.

The Teric offers an information screen utilizing a { 1.39 in | 35 mm } full color AMOLED display with a { 2.16 in x 0.71 in | 55 mm x 18 mm } body and { 4.25 oz | 120.4 g } weight. Brightness levels are user adjustable and accessible with just one button press. During a decompression dive, the Teric provides complete information displays of all required stop times. The Teric can provide time-to-surface based on "look ahead" at planned gas switches. Multiple gas definition presets are supported with any combination of oxygen, nitrogen and helium. The Teric will NOT "lockout" after a missed stop or ascent rate violation. After the dive, the Teric communicates via Bluetooth to connect with the Shearwater Cloud dive log manager, which is compatible with MS Windows, OS X, iOS and Android devices, supporting wireless log downloads and firmware updates. The software can be downloaded from Shearwater's website along with the manual

The Teric supports hoseless gas pressure integration, sometimes called air integration (AI). The Teric is capable of wirelessly connecting to optional transmitters giving the diver ability to monitor up to four tank pressures. It is also capable of calculating the Gas Time Remaining (GTR). Air integration is optional for all modes, from OC Rec to CC/BO. The tank pressure(s), in PSI or BAR, and GTR can be displayed to the customizable slots on the main display screen or accessed through the underlying information screens. The transmitter may be installed directly into the first stage or installed on a short HP hose if desired. Reminder that if you are planning to use the transmitter on a short HP hose then an AIR SPOOL IS REQUIRED.

The Teric base price does not include a tank pressure transmitter because the consumer may not wish to use the AI feature or may already own a compatible transmitter. You may include transmitters during purchase or add them at a later time.

The Teric has been designed with a wireless rechargeable battery and includes a wireless induction charger stand. Typical dive time on a single charge is at least 30 hours and as much as 50 hours, depending on the features enabled. Although Shearwater recommends using their charging stand, the Teric can also be charged by the flat mats that support the Qi wireless-charging standard (which includes the latest iPhones and many Android phones).

What's in the box: Included with every Teric from Dive Gear Express are a choice of bezel PVD color and wrist strap color along with PET screen protector, strap pin (spare) with installation/removal screwdriver tools, wireless charging stand and USB cable, and zippered travel case. Optional accessories available separately include Shearwater dual color wrist bands or the Shearwater elastic strap that is depth compensating with a slide-release buckle design that many divers find easier to don, especially over exposure suits. Shearwater supplies the Teric with a zippered "travel" case but if you want a well padded case suitable for boat use and with room for extra storage, consider adding the optional DGX Padded Storage Bag.

Feature Highlights

  • Air/Nitrox/Trimix capable
  • 5 open-circuit gas switch presets
  • Bühlmann ZHL-16C algorithm with configurable Gradient Factors (no VPM)
  • GF presets for sport diving NDL safety factor: High = 35/75, Medium = 40/85, Low = 45/95, plus user defined GF
  • Multi-compartment tissue saturation bar graphs
  • %CNS oxygen exposure tracking
  • Ascent rate monitor
  • Haptic (vibration) and audible alarms that can be disabled (none, either, both)
  • Date, time and temp display
  • Easy to read AMOLED color screen with user configurable "Big Layout" display
  • Easy to use adaptive menus with support for multiple languages
  • Extensive "home screen" customization options
  • User configurable units: imperial (feet, psi) or metric (meters, bar)
  • Logbook of last 500 hours of diving
  • Operational to at least { 660 ft | 200 m }
  • Battery charge level and warning
  • Battery life typically 30+ hours of diving with AI mode enabled

Rebreather Features

  • Constant PPO2 Set Point
  • Automatic Set Point Switching
  • 5 additional CCR Diluent gas presets
  • 2 button push OC bailout
  • Does NOT support external PO2 monitoring


  • Richly featured gauge-mode and freediving mode
  • Daily wear timepiece mode with a selection of watch faces
  • Three-axis tilt-compensated digital compass
  • Engineered polymer body utilizing an exceptionally scratch resistant sapphire crystal face
  • Stainless steel bezel with durable PVD coating
  • Wrist strap material is shore 70A silicone that has a good balance between strength and elasticity
  • Bluetooth Smart wireless upload/download
  • Wireless Tank Pressure (option transmitter required)
  • User upgradeable firmware
  • Wireless rechargeable battery (factory replaceable)
  • Shearwater Cloud Dive Log Software
  • Two Year Limited Warranty

Recreational Open-Circuit Features

Key features of the Recreational Open-Circuit mode (aka Recreational Nitrox mode) include a simpler menu structure, less cluttered display with a larger font and configurable bottom row, optional safety stops, and a no-decompression limit dive planner. The simplified settings allow for three breathing gas mixtures (Air or Nitrox) and places a greater emphasis on the maximum operating depth (MOD) and no decompression time limit (NDL). The display prominently warns the diver if their depth is near, at or exceeds the MOD of the selected breathing gas. Optional safety stops are user configurable to be 3, 4, 5 mins or adaptable. When using the Adapt setting, a 3 minute safety stop will be used, unless the dive exceeds { 100ft | 30m } or the NDL falls below 5 minutes, in which case a 5 minute safety stop is used. If the diver exceeds the NDL and requires stops, the display turns red and warns "DECO STOP" with the mandatory depth and stop times.

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Verified Buyer
Design Defect Results in Battery Death
Aug 26, 2022
After over 4 years of chaos I feel compelled to leave this review to ensure others don't suffer the fate I did. I loved my Teric, I really did. Amazing product when it functioned. However, after having it replaced 4 times (Shearwater has amazing customer service - I can't emphasize that enough) it is obvious that there is a design defect that results in battery death within a year or so. It initially shows up as accelerated discharge during storage, but always ended up with a Teric that was not usable. I've switched to the Perdix (it has a user replaceable battery) and couldn't be happier.
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Verified Buyer
Fantastic and easy to use ...
Nov 28, 2020
Fantastic and easy to use dive computer. I switched from an Aqualung i770r. I was skeptical of button usability with thick gloves but I could open up the compass with my 5mm gloves without issue.
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Excellent Computer, with the Teric ...
Jan 26, 2020
Excellent Computer, with the Teric I have everything I need my GUE Tech diving.
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Verified Buyer
Want The Best? For Rec Diving, This Is It
Jul 14, 2019
Do you want the best? The Teric is, at least IMHO, the best DC on the market. I and my wife have used Oceanic Atom 3.1, Oceanic VT4 and a low level Suunto. because my wife now needs reading glasses, she could not use a wrist DC, and relied on her analog gauge. As a present before our month-long dive trip to the Red Sea (we just got back), and because she is the best wife/dive buddy anyone could ever ask for, and because she saw the Teric in action on another diver in April, I got one for her for our big trip. When it arrived, I was so jealous that, even though I was perfectly happy with my Oceanic Atom 3.1, I ordered one too. the Teric is literally the best DC since sliced bread! 1. Setup was a snap. Paired over bluetooth with my laptop and Shearwater cloud. Updated the firmware without a hitch. The menu is amazingly well-organized, and there is no need to go through all sorts of weird contortions and settings to set the default gases, colors, display size (big for my wife or standard for me). All are accessible by pushing one button and then scrolling up or down for Dive Settings, Gas, Bluetooth, Watch, Settings, etc. Completely intuitive. With my Oceanic, which was not bad, you had to press one button and hold it down until the second set of obtuse menus appeared, then scroll through things like "Set F", "Set U," to try to set your nitrox levels, etc. Not intuitive at all. The Teric has customizable format home screen, where you can put the info that you like, such as GTR and SAC, but by pushing the function button, you can switch between several screens with much more info. Updating the firmware is a snap. Just fire up Shearwater Cloud, turn on bluetooth on the watch, wait for it to be recognized by the laptop, and click "update firmware." Of note, the new firmware update allows you to get rid of "TTS," i.e., Time To Surface (not gas time remaining, but literally, how long it would take to get to the surface at 30ft/min), which to me was completely worthless. Works perfectly. TTS is now relegated to a back screen. For those who track their ascent rate, it shows in arrows in the upper right corner, along with the actual ft/min. rate. the arrows change from white to yellow to red depending on your ascent rate, making it easy to quickly see. Colors are changeable, and there are also built in color schemes. Brightness of the screen can be changed on the fly, High, Medium, Low and Off. I find that Medium works for me in all conditions. 2. Underwater. Fantastic. Everything you need. Paired immediately with my transmitter. Underwater, the display was fantastic and easy to read. I turned off all beeping alarms, and left just a couple of vibrating ones, which are easily felt through my 3 mm gloves. The compass works great, and is easily accessible by pushing the Function button (although the button can be customized for something else. The compass can be hidden so that it shows on the outside of the display so you can always see it without it blocking the display. I have now started using the compass all of the time and it has unerringly got me back to the boat when my wife and I were not with the group and visibility was not great, just by following the "dot." My wife has hers set like a disco, with pink, yellow, neon green. She has no problems reading the display at all and was the envy of everyone! I also like the way it displays "Safety Stop" in yellow with the countdown, and then says "Safety Cleared" in yellow when it is finished. Just little touches that are so cool. 3. Battery life. I find that using it for 5 dives a day, and then as a wristwatch, after a couple of days, I got down to about 26% battery, which is clearly displayed. Using the wireless charging station, on regular charge, it charged up from 26% to 70% in about an hour during a surface interval. On Quick Charge setting, it fully charged to 100% in about an hour. I found that each dive took about 4-5% of the battery, so there was plenty left at 26%. It worked great as a wristwatch as well. If you forgot your Teric charger stand, it supposedly is compatible with other Qi wireless chargers. The Teric comes with a nice compact and stiff hard case with foam inserts for travel, that holds the watch, charger, USB cable for the charging dock, and even a pair of screwdrivers for changing out the strap if you want to customize it (I got a pink strap for my wife). Final thoughts. If you want the best, I really can't see how you can get any better than the Teric. It is pricey, but how much more than another comparable DC -- even without the fantastic color screen? $400? For the amount we spend on diving and dive gear, its a drop in the bucket. With the killer display, fantastic functionality, ease of use, great visibility and logical menu structure, it is THE DC to get. I can't say enough great things about it! Spend the money and get the Teric. You will not be sorry that you did.
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Verified Buyer
Shearwater Research Taric
Jul 5, 2019
Great Service and great computer it is a one and done, everything I could ask for in a dive computer Thank you Dive Gear Express for great customer service and prompt delivery.
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Verified Buyer
Jun 2, 2019
My humble review on Teric. This is already my second dive computer in a form of a watch. The 1st one was Scubapro Mantis. I really like this watch. But few things really piss me off: 1. buggy magnetic buttons 2. inability to change a watch strap to another firm 3. lack of helium gas support So I made a decision and purchased this wonderful dive computer. The pros: 1. Fully technical dive computer with all possible DIR-dive configurations and is almost the same as Petrel/Perdix. Don't be mistaken by the small screen. It's not small at all, and gives exactly the same value as a "classic" tech. 2. Yet a powerful sport watch. 3. And has a "casual" high-end look. 4. CC/BO and AI support. 5. Customisable font, colours and style. 6. Bluetooth smart connection for instant firmware updates and logs analysis. 7. Potentially can have a "smartwatch" functions. I mean the hardware allows so. So potentially may be upgraded to have an additional functions and algos. I have already updated to the version 16 and got some new minor features. 8. Wireless QI charging support. I constantly charge it on my iPhone's Belkin charger. 9. Powerful battery. 10. Big full-colour IPS Amoled 1.39" display with a resolution of 400x400. 11. Universal strap support. 12. Everything is disassemble-able. 13. Super-strong body and sapphire crystal glass. No need in display-protectors. 14. Haptic iPhone-like force-feedback. Interactive warnings. 15. Really really really intuitive control. For me it states for strong Product-Manager division. Thing that really lacks in most high-tech companies. They have thought about every little thing. Also a documentation is really good. 16. Free-dive mode. 17. 200 MSW MOD. The cons: 1. Some minor-minor things could be more intuitive. But still, nobody other has riched even half-way of what Shearwater did. 2. Lack of smartwatch/pulse-sensor? Guys- this is DIR technical dive computer! P.S Nobody has asked me to write this. This comes of my happiness to have such wonderful product.
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Verified Buyer
Jan 16, 2019
This is absolutely the new gold standard of dive computers without a doubt the usability blows all others away!
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Verified Buyer
Great service
Dec 2, 2018
Dive gear express is a great company to do business with. Very quick email response on getting my product and quick delivery. I bought two Shearwater Teric dive computers; one for my dive buddy and one for me. As of this writing, I am headed to Key West for a deco dive and I’ll let you know how the computer performs.
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Verified Buyer
Shearwater Teric
Nov 29, 2018
The product arrived on time to my country. Folks at DGX we’re super efficient on handling and delivery of the products. The entire buying experience was smooth and great. The product delivers its promises. No regret and worth every penny.
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Verified Buyer
Best Dive computer money can buy, Bar none!
Nov 25, 2018
Ordered the Shearwater Teric from Dive Gear Express about 1 week before my trip to Belize. It arrived promptly and was cheaper than buying from Amazon because no tax was required. The computer itself is unbelievable. I love this machine to say the least. I have 15 dives on it so far mostly standard recreational 1 tank dives. The one deco dive at the Great Blue hole was fantastic to follow. Loved how I could follow the tissue saturation as the dive progressed. Never heard a noise out of mine, meanwhile all the Suunto paper weight computers were screaming on the other divers. The night dive was beyond impressive with the Teric. It was so bright and easy to read, even from my middle aged eyes without the needed lens correction for reading. After the dive it continued to be bright and the boatman actually asked me to turn off my torch so he could pilot the boat back without the light disturbing his vision. They were shocked to realize it was my watch and not a dive light. Then everyone wanted to know the brand. Its ability to customize the data points, boldness/font size, multi-colors display and brightness is unreal. Even though it has so many features and abilities it is still easy to navigate the interface. There is an onboard battery that you charge with a QI wireless charger, dock and great case included. It even charges with my iPhone X charging plate. It can last well past a full day of diving on a single charge and it recharges very fast. The band is comfortable. I have not used for a rebreather yet or trimix that I am certified for. Cant wait to put it to that test. I cannot recommend this computer enough!!! Thanks to the tec diver instructors at Sam's Tours in Palau for the recommendation on it.
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Differences of Teric vs Perdix 2 Ti Dive Computers

Diving watches have traditionally been perceived as being less capable or having poorer information display as a result of compromises for size; that's no longer true with the introduction of the Shearwater Teric dive computer.

Other than the obvious difference of the wrist-watch form factor, the Teric includes several features not found on the Perdix models:

  • AMOLED display - vivid, bright colors that offers exceptional readability underwater along with a user configurable Big Layout display setting to enable larger fonts that can eliminate the need for "gauge readers".
  • Scratch resistant Sapphire Crystal display window - along with an elegant and durable stainless steel bezel with PVD coating in a choice of several colors.
  • Four button situation adaptable logic menus - also configure one of the buttons to give you one press access to certain dive or watch tools like compass, stopwatch, deco planner, log tagging, etc.
  • Wrist bands - many color options are available from Shearwater and standard 22 mm watch strap size makes many 3rd party options available. DGX also offers a Depth Compensating Slide Release wrist band preferred by many divers wearing heavy exposure suits.
  • Wireless rechargeable battery – users have no need to open the body thus reducing chances of flooding. This also eliminates the risk of damage from a depleted primary battery that begins to leak acid.
  • Timepiece mode - the Teric can be comfortably worn as a stylish daily timepiece with a selection of watch faces.

The Teric supports only the Bühlmann ZHL-16C decompression algorithm with configurable Gradient Factors. In addition to the Shearwater default ZHL-16C deco algorithm, the Perdix models also support VPM and DCIEM algorithms as extra cost optional alternatives.

Choose either the Shearwater Perdix or the Shearwater Teric and can't go wrong with either choice for an excellent dive computer that will meet your needs no matter your style of diving.