SeaCURE Moldable Mouthpiece

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The SeaCure X-Type Moldable Mouthpiece is a unique, moldable device designed to fit your mouth, teeth, and jaw configuration precisely to provide maximum retention and control of your regulator.

SeaCURE Moldable Mouthpiece

Top View of #1 and #3
Top View of #1 and #3 Five Different Models Bottom View of #1 and #3 Side View of #1 and #3 Front View of #1 and #3 Orifice Dimensions of #1 and #3 Orifice Dimensions of #2 Orifice Dimensions of #4 Orifice Dimensions of #5 All Models Include Cable Tie and Sealing Plug #1 and #3 Inside Ribbing Comparison
  • Created by an orthodontist to fit your mouth perfectly
  • Offers custom comfort and eliminates the jaw fatigue
  • Offset for both the upper and lower jaw positions
  • Select the appropriate size for your regulator

SeaCure was created by an orthodontist, to fit your mouth, teeth and gums perfectly. SeaCure offers custom comfort and eliminates the jaw fatigue sometimes experienced with conventional mouthpieces.

The SeaCure Benefit

The SeaCure mouthpiece, being moldable, can actually enter the mouth all the way to the rear of the jaw employing all of the diver's teeth. The result is that the large rear teeth and tremendous mechanical advantage of the back of the jaw can now be employed to retain the mouthpiece/regulator unit during diving, greatly reducing the required muscle effort.

Sizing For Your Regulator

The SeaCure models have identical fully custom bite wings, which are moldable to fit every individual diver's mouth, teeth and jaw. The only difference is the orifice which mounts on the regulator mouthpiece fitting. You will need to select the appropriate size for your regulator. Almost all regulator mouthpiece fittings fall into two general sizes (#1 or #2) with some fittings being only slightly larger or smaller. We strongly suggest that you accurately measure to be certain, but we also have a list of some popular brands and models below:

There are five different models designed to fit different regulators. The description details below will help to determine the model that best fits your regulator.

SeaCure frequently updates their Compatibility List with new regulators, so if you don't see yours here then check their official list.

SeaCure #1 { 1.1 x 0.50 in | 2.8 x 1.3 cm } fits AQUALUNG older metal regulators; ATOMIC pre 2005 only plus the T3; CRESSI-SUB (except Ellipse); SCUBAPRO S600, S360, S560, R095, and all models before the A700; SHERWOOD (pre 1992); TABATA/TUSA (except Imprix). Black Color.

SeaCure #2 { 1.2 x 0.63 in | 3.0 x 1.6 cm } fits AERIS; AQUALUNG newer, including Titan and Legend; ATOMIC 2005 and later (except T3); DACOR Viper and Eagle; DEEP SIX; DGX Gears D6, DIVE RITE (except Jetstream); HOG; HOLLIS (except 500SE); MARES-newer models (except MARES MR-12); MARES XR, OCEANIC (except Zeta); SCUBA MAX; SCUBAPRO A700, C-series, C350, C370, G250, G260, R195, S620Ti, D420; SHERWOOD after 1992; XS SCUBA. Black Color.

SeaCure #3 is the same dimensions as a #1 but only fits the unconventional double retention ribbing design of AQUALUNG older plastic regulators including Micra; AQUATEC; GENESIS. Clear Color.

SeaCure #4 { 1.3 x 0.68 in | 3.3 x 1.7 cm } fits APEKS; DGX Gears XTRA;HOLLIS 500SE; ZEAGLE regulators and the DSV found on many rebreathers, including Golem Shrimp BOV; Hollis Prism; ISC Megalodon; Kiss GEM. Black Color.

SeaCure #5 ( 1.4 x 0.81 in | 3.6 x 2.1 cm } fits Poseidon (including rebreathers and the Dive Rite Jetstream); DiveSoft. Black Color.

Molding For YOUR Mouth

Complete molding instructions are included with each mouthpiece. The device is re-moldable so that if the fit is not satisfactory at first, or if dental work changes the bite, it can be remolded and adjusted.

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Customer Reviews

What if you donate your primary?

Most technical divers use a primary regulator with a long hose so that it may easily be donated to another diver in an emergency. Use of a custom regulator mouthpiece in that situation may have an issue. That's because the other diver might have difficulty using the regulator with someone else's custom mouthpiece. If you choose to use a custom mouthpiece on a long hose configuration, make sure to check with your teammates to be sure they can accept the mouthpiece.

There are no issues on traditional recreational 'octopus' regulator configurations where the primary is never donated. There also would be no issues with using a custom mouthpiece on deco regulators, which may actually be in the mouth for much more time than the primary. Further, there are no issues with rebreather loops using a custom mouthpiece (if it fits the DSV) because they are never donated.

The custom mouthpieces offer the absolute best comfort, but may not always be appropriate. For a very comfortable one-size-fits-all type mouthpiece, take a look at the C-Bite Mouthpiece.