Twin-Bite Mouthpiece

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Built from two different hardness silicone materials, the anatomically-designed Twin-Bite Mouthpiece offers soft hypoallergenic black silicone rubber with harder bite tabs to provide excellent comfort and durability. Available in several color choices for the bite tabs.

Twin-Bite Mouthpiece

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  • Made of soft hypoallergenic black silicone rubber
  • Has reinforced colored "bite tabs" to provide excellent comfort and durability
  • Colored options for fashion or function
  • Fits all brands of regulators - except Poseidon

The Twin-Bite mouthpiece fits all brands of regulators we sell and modern models from most other brands, except Poseidon. Available with a variety of color accents on the bite tabs, we also include a tie wrap. (The fit on some very old models from the 70's and 80's with slightly smaller openings such as the old Aqualung metal second stage bodies are a bit loose and you should use a standard tie wrap pulled very tight or a SeaCure #1 mouthpiece.)

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