DeoxIT GOLD GN5 Contact Cleaner and Conditioner

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DeoxIT® GOLD is excellent for maintaining the electrical contacts of your dive computer I/O port and cable, as well as the battery contacts and sensor connectors in your rebreather. DeoxIT GOLD is also excellent for maintaining the electrical contacts of the fourth cell connectors found on many CCR dive computers.

DeoxIT GOLD GN5 formulation is non-flammable and the ingredients are non-hazardous. However, please do NOT order this spray can version of the product for international and/or air delivery because pressurized aerosol containers are considered hazardous for air cargo transport.

DeoxIT GOLD GN5 Contact Cleaner and Conditioner

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Size Options

Please do NOT order this for international and/or air delivery, the nature of this material often causes problems with carriers for air transport.

DeoxIT® GOLD (formerly known as ProGold) was developed by Caig Laboratories for the aerospace industry, and is especially well suited to critical low current applications. DeoxIT GOLD is a unique conditioning agent that improves conductivity and provides long-lasting protection. DeoxIT GOLD is designed to dissolve small amounts of oxidation, and is suitable for delicate gold plated contacts and connections where only slight cleaning action is appropriate. DeoxIT GOLD is non-abrasive, non-corrosive, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Deoxit GOLD is available in several formulations; the GN5 spray formulation contains NO petroleum distillates and is quick-dry, non-flammable and safe for plastics. We offer DeoxIT GOLD GN5 in a {40 g | 1.4 oz} compact sized spray can, a convenient quantity and package for use with your rebreather. We also offer the same GN5 formulation in a {163 g | 5.75 oz} spray can for technicians and others who prefer a larger quantity.

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Cleaning Low Current Electrical Contacts

Always use cleaners specifically designed for the precious metal contacts used in low current applications found in high-tech electronics. The low current makes the contacts exceptionally sensitive to contamination, yet their ultra thin precious metal plating is easy to damage during cleaning.

Never use the cleaners commonly associated with SCUBA maintenance. Many such cleaners contain solvents that are polar and may also leave residues, making them a potential problem in low current applications. This is also true of many household products such as rubbing alcohol.

Never use ordinary 'tuner cleaner' products for cleaning precious metal contacts, particularly with rebreathers. Their cleaning action is too harsh and most formulations sold by consumer electronics retailers contain petroleum distillates, which are flammable and not safe for use with some plastics.

Never use silicone based cleaner/lubricants with electrical contacts, even though this is an often suggested practice. Silicone products will react with plastics and other contaminates to form insulating films and silicone carbide compounds which can cause intermittent connections.

Never use a pencil eraser to clean precious metal contacts, even though this is another common practice. Erasers are highly abrasive and will remove the ultra thin precious metal plating. Further, the glue in erasers leaves behind a film that is extremely difficult to remove and can also cause intermittent connections.