DGX Premium Cylinder Clamps

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Dive Gear Express Premium Cylinder Clamps are stainless steel with a stainless steel worm drive.

DGX Premium Cylinder Clamps

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Size Comparison Premium Worm Drive Screw Assembly Premium Worm Drive Screw Assembly
  • Marine grade 316 stainless steel (W5) with 9mm wide band and low-profile screw assembly
  • The band grooves are embossed, yielding exceptional torque resistance
  • Very smooth rolled edges on both the narrow band and compact housing
  • Clamps are priced and sold individually
  • SEE BELOW for sizes and cylinder size reference chart

This DGX Premium Cylinder Clamp is constructed from 316 grade stainless steel with 9mm wide band and 7mm hex head screw assembly. This is a "German-style" clamp design, imported from Europe, where the grooves in the band are embossed on to the band and do not perforate completely. The low-profile one-piece pressed housing cannot come apart and the 7mm hex head screw assembly is tightly held to the band. This design yields excellent torque resistance in a noticeably stronger more compact clamp than equivalent American-style design. Further, the edges of this band are rolled plus the housing is well rounded making the entire clamp smoother and many divers find this clamp does not benefit from sheathing although you may add sheathing if you wish.

The Small clamp fits diameters from approximately { 4.0 in | 10 cm } up to { 5.5 in | 14 cm }. This is most 4 inch and 5 inch cylinders such as the LP50, AL8, AL13, AL19, AL20, AL30, AL40, FX15, and FX23. It will NOT fit the tiny AL6. The Large fits diameters from approximately { 7.0 in | 18 cm } to { 8.0 in | 20 cm }. This is all 7 inch and 8 inch cylinders such as the LP85, AL72, AL80, HP80, HP100, HP117, HP120, and HP130.

Once snugged to the cylinder, the clamp will always have some excess 'tail' remaining. If this is a concern, you can tuck the excess inside a tubular webbing sheath or trim off the excess. If you trim the excess, the remaining edge may be sharp so be prepared to also file the end a little to make it smooth.

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