DGX Premium Hose Clamps

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Dive Gear Express Premium Cylinder Clamps are stainless steel with a worm drive.

DGX Premium Hose Clamps

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Size Comparison Premium Worm Drive Screw Assembly Premium Worm Drive Screw Assembly

The 15/32-inch wide band and the screw assembly of Dive Gear Express Premium cylinder clamps are both stainless steel. There are no spot welds to rupture, and the one-piece pressed housing cannot come apart. The particular design is engineered to tolerate an exceptional amount of torque on the worm drive (60 in-lbs), the downside being the size of the screw assembly and housing are slightly larger than typical (7 mm).

The Small clamp fits diameters from approximately { 4.0 in | 10 cm } up to { 6.0 in | 15 cm } and the Large fits diameters from approximately { 7.0 in | 18 cm } to { 8.0 in | 20 cm }. We recommend the small clamp for 4.4-inch and 5.25-inch scuba cylinders and the large clamp for 7.25-inch and 8.0-inch scuba cylinders.

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