OMS Slipstream Fins

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OMS SlipStream Fins offers the choice of a rugged classic design but in a low weight monoprene material.

OMS Slipstream Fins

Large Fins - Front and Back
Large Fins - Front and Back OMS Slipstream Fins OMS Slipstream Fins OMS Slipstream Fins OMS Slipstream Fins Size Comparison OMS Slipstream Fins
  • High grade monoprene construction
  • Vented blade to increase propulsion
  • Popular with experienced and technical divers
  • Includes stainless steel spring straps
  • Lightweight design helps reduce leg cramping

Extremely popular with experienced and technical divers, OMS SlipStream Fins are a light weight but high performance fin. This proven fin is manufactured from neutrally buoyant Monoprene™, an injection-molded thermoplastic elastomer material, that results in maximum thrust on the down kick and minimal resistance on the up kick. The light weight design also helps the diver maintain optimal positioning in the water and helps reduce leg cramping and fatigue. Stainless Steel Spring Straps are INCLUDED on every pair.

Product Highlights

  • High grade monoprene construction
  • Angled strap mounts for comfort and a better transition of power
  • Spring heel straps w/ easy-grip heel tabs for easy donning
  • Vented blade to reduce stress while accelerating water over the blade
  • Approximate dry weight is { 6 lb | 2.7 kg }

Black Fin Foot Pocket Dimensions

Fin Size Length
(Toe to Top)
OMS Drysuit
SuperFlexBoot Size
RockBoot Size
Medium {7.0 in | 17.8 cm} {3.5 in | 8.9 cm} {2.75 in | 7 cm}
Large {7.5 in | 19.05 cm} {3.75 in | 9.5 cm} {3 in | 7.6 cm } SM-LG 4-9
X Large {8 in | 22.9 cm} {4 in | 10.2 cm} {3.25 in | 8.3 cm} LG-XXL 10-12
XX Large {8.25 in | 23.5 cm} {4.75 in | 12.1 cm} {3.5 in | 8.9 cm} XXL-3XL 13-15

NOTICE: Dive Gear Express always ships unused new fins, but all fin materials have some characteristics that upon close inspection can make new fins appear aged or used. By design, all fin materials are soft regardless of brand, so handing during manufacturing and shipping through various points of the supply chain will inevitably cause the appearance of some minor cosmetic scuffs. Some fin materials, especially rubber, also contain a mold release agent that exhibits a gradual "blooming" of a haze on the surface of the fin as it dries following manufacturing, giving the appearance of oxidation and aging. If the cosmetics are bothersome then they can be improved by scrubbing the surface with ordinary soap, water and a cloth.

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