DGX Watersports Neoprene Boots

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The DGX Watersports Boot is a heavy duty design from { 0.2 in | 5 mm } neoprene with a hardened anti-slip sole to make this boot durable yet offering a contoured fit.
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Same great DGX design but with a NEW larger #5 YKK Zipper for added durability.

DGX Watersports Neoprene Boots

DGX Watersports Neoprene Boots
DGX Watersports Neoprene Boots New Larger #5 YKK Zipper Positive Grip Texture on the Abrasion Resistant Sole Built-In Fin Strap Holder Above the Heel Tongue Extending Up the Ankle Protects the Top of the Foot Measure Foot Length Then Find the Closest Inner Length
  • 5mm Neoprene boots with abrasion pads
  • Durable in harsh marine environments
  • Hardened anti-slip sole allows for comfort and traction
  • Includes YKK brand #5 over-sized zipper
  • Perfect for a variety of watersports

This DGX Watersports Boot is a heavy duty design from { 0.2 in | 5 mm } neoprene with a hardened anti-slip sole to make this boot durable yet offering a contoured fit. Neoprene panel seams are double-glued and then blind stitched, meaning the needle doesn't fully penetrate the neoprene thus keeping water out. Perfect for use with all our technical diving spring strap swim fins, the low profile boot incorporates a built-in fin strap holder above the heel. The toe protection has a tongue that extends up the ankle, protecting the area on the top of the foot at the base of the ankle from rubbing on the top edge of the fin foot opening while swimming. The boot top incorporates a NEW and IMPROVED very durable coil design YKK® AquaGuard® Water Repellent #5 Zipper that is practically waterproof and is also neoprene backed to further minimize water exchange helping keep feet warm. A puncture-resistant inner sole insert is sandwiched between the outer sole and inner boot lining for flexible protection. The positive grip texture on the abrasion resistant sole makes this boot suitable on the dive boat deck, as well as a good choice for a variety of other water sports like paddle boarding, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, and kayaking.

Offering suitability for the widest range of water conditions, 5mm neoprene boots are generally used in waters with temperatures of { 60°F - 80°F | 16°C - 27°C }, depending on personal preference.

The men's/women's size listings in the table are for reference. Ideally, to choose your size, measure your foot from heel to toe, then find the closest Inner Length measurement. The corresponding size will give you a snug fit. Choose one size larger if you like a bit of extra room or like to wear socks with your booties.

DGX Watersports Boot Sizing

Size Euro US Men US Women UK Men UK Women Inner Length
XXS 36 5 6.5 4.5 4 8.625 in | 21.9 cm
XS 37/38 6 7.5 5.5 5 9.0 in | 22.9 cm
S 39 7 8.5 6.5 6 9.375 in | 23.8 cm
M 40/41 8 9.5 7.5 7 9.75 in | 24.8 cm
ML 42 9 10.5 8.5 8 10.25 in | 26.0 cm
L 43/44 10 11.5 9.5 9 10.5 in | 26.7 cm
XL 45 11 12.5 10.5 10 11.0 in | 27.9 cm
XXL 46/47 12 13.5 11.5 11 11.5 in | 29.2 cm
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    She loves these boots!



    We have two acres of lily ponds. My wife picks the stems almost every other day to sell at the asian market. So she is walking on the bottom of the pond for a few hours each day. She loves these boots! They are comfortable and sturdy. Also important to my wife, the price was right ;)
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