OMS Remote Exhaust Inflation Assemblies

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OMS Replacement Remote Exhaust Elbow BCD Inflation Hose Assemby.

OMS Remote Exhaust Inflation Assemblies

Length Options - Dimensions are Approximate
Length Options - Dimensions are Approximate
  • Complete corrugated hose assembly with a remote exhaust elbow
  • Preferred option for open water divers - works best in upright position
  • Compatible with OMS brand wings
  • Bladder Flange Gasket is included

OMS single tank air cells come standard with a low-pressure hose, oral/power inflator, corrugated hose, and a remote exhaust elbow dump valve. With a remote exhaust elbow, a cable runs from the inflator inside the corrugated hose up to the remote exhaust dump valve. To exhaust gas from the air cell, you need only tug gently on the inflator. This is the most preferred option for open water divers as this feature works best when in a more upright position and offers an excellent option for dumping gas during ascent at the end of your dive. Available in { 13 in | 33 cm } and {16 in | 41 cm} .

Compatible with OMS brand wings.

NOTE: The Bladder Flange Gasket is included.

NOTE: The length description is for the corrugated hose only including the hose cuffs, not an entire assembly, and measurements are APPROXIMATE. Because the corrugated hose can stretch over time and with use, the length will change.

Many technical diving companies have, for years, used a corrugated hose made with an EPDM rubber blend raw material that has been used in diving applications for decades with excellent performance in the field. The material includes a surfactant that exhibits a gradual "blooming" of a white haze on the surface of the hose as it dries over time following manufacturing. The bloom is purely cosmetic and although harmless, if you wish, it can easily be scrubbed off with soap, water, and a cloth.

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