OMS Plain Elbow w/Nut

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The OMS Plain Elbow w/Nut and gasket is compatible with current OMS aircells.

OMS Plain Elbow w/Nut

OMS Elbow Assembly
OMS Elbow Assembly OMS Plain Elbow w/Nut
The OMS Plain Elbow w/Nut and gasket is compatible with current OMS aircells. Qty 2 zip ties are included for a secure seal.
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Replacing Air Cell Inflation Assembly Elbows

Removing and replacing an air cell elbow must be done correctly; otherwise damage may result. The most important thing to remember is to turn only the collar at the base of the hose elbow, and not the elbow itself. Turning the elbow results in either loosening or damaging the flanges that mate the elbow to the air cell bladder. The video illustrates using a tool to turn the collar, but frankly the best tool to use is simply to turn the collar by hand.

When installing or reinstalling the elbow, make certain the gasket is centered in place between the elbow flange and bladder flange. As you tighten the collar, avoid cross threading by first turning counterclockwise until you hear a click. As you begin turning the collar clockwise, you will feel the elbow seat into the flange and lock into one of several possible positions. If the elbow assumes the wrong position, loosen the collar, reorient the elbow and begin again.

After tightening the collar as far as it will go, fully inflate the air cell and check for leaks. The air cell should be able to remain fully inflated for several minutes without exhibiting any substantial air loss. You may find the gasket has compressed after a few days and you will need to snug up the collar again, tightening one eighth to one quarter turn by hand.