OmniSwivel Gas Switch Block

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Use the OmniSwivel Gas Switch Block to control breathing gases when using a full face mask

OmniSwivel Gas Switch Block

OmniSwivel Gas Switch Block - Left
OmniSwivel Gas Switch Block OmniSwivel Gas Switch Block - Left OmniSwivel Gas Switch Block
  • Easily change between two separate gas supplies
  • Available in both a right-hand and a left-hand version
  • Two 9/16-inch male inlets - one 3/8-inch female outlet
  • Solid brass with O2 compatible materials and o-rings
  • Knob turns 180-degrees to avoid accidental switching

The Gas Switch Block by OmniSwivel International offers a diver the ability to change between two separate gas supplies without having to remove a full face mask. To make the switch, the knob turns a full 180-degrees, ensuring that there is no accidental switching during the dive. Click on the photo above to show the three positions of the gas switching block. The image at the top shows the knob's position when the air inlet closest to the outlet is in use. When the knob is pointing down, as in the middle image, it is in the shut-off position. In case of a second stage failure, a diver can turn the flow to the mask off and switch to an alternate regulator. The shut-off position also prevents a cross blending of gases during a switch over. Finally, the bottom image shows the position of the knob when the second air inlet is in use.

The gas switch block is available in both a right-hand and a left-hand version. Each version has two 9/16-inch male inlets and one 3/8-inch female outlet. The block is constructed of solid brass for maximum durability, and uses oxygen compatible materials and o-rings. The inlet adapters can be removed to expose 3/8-inch female ports, allowing for hose attachment flexibility. Quick disconnects can be attached directly to the inlet ports, alleviating the need for more adapters.

Dive Gear Express supplies Omniswivel products for use in recreational sport and technical diving applications. While we are aware many of their products also have use in commercial, public safety, and military diving applications, we are not qualified to advise regarding their use in other than recreational diving. For use with other applications we suggest you contact the manufacturers of the equipment you wish to use these components with for appropriate advice on their application.

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