O2ptima Rebreather w/BMCL and BOV

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Now featuring an all new rear-mounted counterlung design, the O2ptima CCR has become one of the most streamlined CCR packages on the market.

This package from Dive Gear Express includes our DGX Consumables Kit with Extendaire Absorbent Cartridge 8-Pack, Steramine Loop Sanitizer Tablets, Tribolube-71 O2 Compatible Lubricant, and DEOXIT Compact Spray; a $350.00 value.

Due to the unique nature of the rebreather product, this item is NON-RETURNABLE. Your complete satisfaction is our goal, so please consider carefully before purchase.

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O2ptima Rebreather w/BMCL and BOV

O2ptima 2018 with BMCL and iBOV
O2ptima 2018 with BMCL and iBOV O2ptima Rebreather w/BMCL and BOV

Now featuring an all new rear-mounted counterlung design utilizing Divesoft’s multi-function BOV, the O2ptima 2018 CCR has become one of the most streamlined CCR packages on the market. With its horizontal scrubber, the O2ptima boasts an extremely short breathing loop improving performance, safety, and diver comfort. The O2ptima CCR is powered by Shearwater electronics. Utilizing Shearwater’s DiveCan technology, the O2ptima comes standard with a Petrel 2 controller and an independent Heads-up Display (HUD). For buoyancy control, the O2ptima includes the divers choice of the Dive Rite TransPac or TransPlate harness along with their CCR XT wing specifically designed for rebreathers. The O2ptima includes { 20 cuft | 3L } cylinders and valves, but also accepts a very wide range of cylinder sizes from aluminum 13's (2L) to steel 27's (4L). Less the cylinders, the entire unit can be carry-on luggage for most airlines.

Included with the Dive Rite O2ptima CCR Package:

  • Redundant Shearwater DiveCAN electronics including Heads-Up Display (HUD) and Petrel 2 controller
  • Back mounted counterlungs with 6.5 Liter loop volume and dual water traps
  • Dual use scrubber canister can be used with Micropore ExtendAir SR-081C cartridges or packed with 5lbs of 812 mesh loose granular CO2 absorbent
  • Divesoft BOV + ADV + MAVs standard (all-in-one Bail Out Valve with Automatic Diluent Valve and Manual Add Valves for O2 and diluent)
  • Dive Rite first stage oxygen and diluent regulators
  • Low-pressure flex hoses and gas distribution manifolds
  • High-pressure flex hoses and tech SPG's
  • Four Analytical Industries brand oxygen sensors
  • Kydex hard cover for abrasion protection
  • Stainless Steel and StarBoard frame and stand
  • Catalina AL-20 (aka 3L) oxygen and diluent cylinders with valves (wide variety of optional cylinders available)
  • Dive Rite CCR XT air cell utilizing abrasion resistant SuperFabric
  • Choice of Dive Rite TransPac or TransPlate Harness
  • DGX Consumables Kit (Absorbent 8-Pack, Disinfectant, Lubricant, Deoxit)

We are an Authorized Dealer for the O2ptima CCR. Custom configurations are possible, contact us for a quote with your specific requirements. We offer on-line ordering along with a complete stocking inventory of accessories, spares and consumables. Dive Gear Express also offers O2ptima instruction at our facility in SE Florida.

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Rebreather Training

Every rebreather requires formal, model specific, training in order to competently dive with the equipment. Rebreather equipment pricing does not include training, and training is solely the responsibility of the purchaser. Training is available worldwide and Dive Gear Express also offers instruction at our facility in SE Florida for all models we sell. The typical full course training time is five to seven days consisting of a classroom lecture, confined water session and at least six OW dives. Our recommendation to divers seeking rebreather training is to select an instructor having several hundred hours of rebreather dives and for whom rebreathers are their primary mode of diving.

Because diving is a voluntary recreational activity, prior to delivery and training you must complete and sign legally binding agreements known as a Release of Liability and an Express Assumption of Risk. If you are not already certified for the rebreather, per manufacturer requirements you will receive a disabled unit that can only be enabled by your instructor. Once you complete training, your instructor will permanently enable your unit.

For general information on rebreathers, transitioning to closed circuit diving, rebreather safety, course descriptions, prices, and logistics, plus an equipment list for rebreather training, please visit CCR Instruction for the Dive Rite O2ptima and Poseidon Se7en rebreathers page.