Nautilus Marine Rescue GPS

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The compact Nautilus Marine Rescue GPS radio is incredibly simple to use.

The Rescue GPS requires two widely available user-installed standard CR123 batteries, which are NOT included by the manufacturer.

Nautilus Marine Rescue GPS

Antenna Winder is Included
Antenna Winder is Included In the Box Half the Size of the Original Undo the Latch and Open Blue On/Off, Yellow Test, and Red Help Buttons On/Off, Test and Help Instructions Antenna Held in Place by Retainer Back of Nautilus
  • Requires Two widely available standard CR123 batteries that are NOT included
  • Open, turn on, unfurl the antenna, press the red button
  • Location accurate to { 5 ft | 1.5 m }
  • Line of sight broadcasts for up to { 34 mi | 54.7 km }
  • Depth rated to { 425 ft | 130 m }

The Nautilus Marine Rescue GPS is incredibly simple to use. Simply undo the latch and open, turn on, remove the antenna retainer and manually unfurl the antenna, then press the red button. That’s it! There are no licenses or registration required.

Press the RED button and your GPS position accurate to { 5 feet | 1.5 meters } along with a man overboard distress message will be broadcast to all Automatic Identification System (AIS) equipped ships (any vessel that has a modern marine radio) up to { 34 mi | 54.7 km } away (line of sight). The unit can programmed ahead of time to ALSO send a special Digital Selective Calling (DSC) message to the specific ID of the marine radio on your own vessel.

Your Nautilus Marine GPS floats, is waterproof in all sea conditions and is depth rated to { 425 feet | 130 meters } with cap closed. Just keep the o-ring clean and forget about it for the next 5 years!

  • Compact dimensions: { 2.9 x 3.8 x 1.5 in | 75 x 97 x 39 mm }
  • Total weight w/ batteries - { 4.6 oz |131 g }
  • DSC frequency - 156.525 MHz
  • AIS frequency - 161.975 and 162.025 MHz
  • Positively buoyant - It floats!

We also recommend adding the custom carrying case for your Lifeline GPS that provides a webbing mount option plus a carabineer and lanyard safety attachment so you can't lose or drop your Rescue GSP. Durable nylon fabric case provides a perfect fit to mount the Rescue GPS to any webbing up to {2 in | 5 cm} wide. A simply twist lock closure secures the Rescue GPS inside.

The Rescue GPS requires two widely available user-installed standard CR123 batteries, which are not included by the manufacturer.

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Verified Buyer
tip for use
Oct 17, 2019
great rescue device to make it work on asn position report on test position (practical cause it's calling only the boat that you've given the MMSI) it's better to choose international on the setting rather than both AIS+DSC as usual with DGX excellent service
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Verified Buyer
Great rescue device with minor design flows
Jan 1, 2018
Easy to operate and activate. Advertised 5 year battery life is a great benefit. Easy to program with separate, free software for mobile phones (OS and Android). Two minor issues though-Antenna Retainer needs to be removed to activate unit and since it is not attached to it , there is a potential to loose it when activating Nautilus, especially in distress. Antenna rewind tool is also not attached and can easily be displaced. Other than -it is a great unit!
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Tek Tip Warning Image WARNING

Don't confuse the Nautilus Lifeline products with an EPIRB. The much larger EPIRB beacons are satellite transmitters with global reach and monitoring. The Lifeline devices are line-of-sight VHF radios that rely upon direct communication with marine VHF radios on vessels and shore base-stations up to { 34 mi | 55 km } distant with the effective range very dependent on the height of the receiving antenna.