Mares XR Harness+Plate Padding Set

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The Mares XR Padding Set will add deluxe comfort to the Mares XR harness and backplate systems.

Mares XR Harness+Plate Padding Set

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Front View Back View Mares XR - How to set up the Deluxe Padding Kit
  • Deluxe Padding Set for Mares XR Harness and Backplate
  • Two Shoulder Pads with Movable Reflective Epaulets
  • Backplate Pad with Lumbar Support and Four D-rings
  • Includes Eight S/S Assembly Screws for Mares XR 3mm Backplates

The Mares XR Padding Set will add deluxe comfort to the Mares XR harness and backplate systems. The set includes two thick pads plus movable reflective epaulets that attach to the harness shoulders with Velcro provide a custom fit around shoulder, D-ring and harness accessories. The generous { 21 in | 53 cm } length and position of the webbing loops on the shoulder pads also allows shoulder D-rings can be mounted on the harness at your preferred location without affecting the pad. The backplate pad features lumbar support and includes four { 1 in | 2.5 cm } D-rings (two on each side) for mounting accessories such as light canisters or surface marking buoys with eight stainless steel grommet holes aligned to perfectly fit the Mares XR backplate. Also included in the set are eight stainless steel assembly screws for mounting the pad to the Mares XR 3mm stainless steel or aluminum backplates.

Note the included Mares XR assembly screws are too short to securely attach the backpad to the 6 mm backplate, although we found our DGX Assembly Screws are perfect. Our assembly screws are available in metal or plastic, but in our opinion the plastic ones actually work better for both the 3 mm and 6 mm plates. Don't be concerned about the strength of plastic vs metal; the plastic version is plenty strong for thus application plus they are not subject to galvanic action and don't cause wear on materials rubbing against them. The DGX assembly screws are sold in sets of two, so you'll need to add four sets for this application.

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