DGX Line Square (REM)

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Our generic polystyrene line squares (aka hybrid marker, aka REM) are available in four colors and { 3.3 in | 8.4 cm } long by { 2 in | 5.1 cm } wide.

DGX Line Square (REM)

Line Square Color Options
Line Square Color Options Dimensions are Approximate Size Comparison Cave Explorer and Cave Instructor Bil Phillips introduces the REM (Referencing Exit Marker)
  • Approximately {3.3 in | 8.4 cm} by {2.0 in | 5.1 cm}
  • Approximately {0.14 in | 3.6 mm} thick
  • Available in White, Yellow, Orange and Glow-In-The-Dark

Line Squares, also known as an hybrid marker or referencing exit marker (REM), are considered to be non-directional for anyone other than the diver placing the marker.

The referencing exit marker was introduced by Bil Philips, a cave diving instructor and explorer in Mexico.

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Customer Reviews

Stealth Line Arrows

We are occasionally asked, "WTF black line arrows, are those real or an April fools joke?" Once-upon-a-time (so we were told) when the injection mold was built for the line arrow shape, the initial manufacturing test run was made using stock polystyrene that was black color... so yeah, sadly they are real. Eventually, we were talked in to taking some with our logo silkscreened to serve as sort of business card promotional handouts at dive shows. Apparently, the supplier gleefully shipped us everything they had. Stealth line arrows are a physical oxymoron - serving no useful purpose in diving that we can see (get it?), but we still have some Black color blank versions taking up space in the warehouse.

The stealth line arrow is a limited edition collectors item... some day they could be very rare and valuable... or not.