Line Cookie

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Our generic polystyrene line cookies are available in four colors and are approximately {2.2 in | 5.5 cm} in diameter.

Line Cookie

Line Cookie Color Options
Line Cookie Color Options Dimensions are Approximate Size Comparison
  • Approximately {2.2 in | 5.5 cm} in diameter
  • Approximately {0.14 in | 3.6 mm} thick
  • Available in White, Yellow, Orange and Glow-In-The-Dark

Line Cookies are circular disk shaped non-directional markers to denote a specific location or circumstance on the line. They are often used to mark reference points, intersections, line gaps (i.e. jumps), or the presence of a diver on the guideline.

Early cave divers used clothespins as non-directional markers. However, clothespins were not durable and tended to break or fall off the line. Daniel Riordan, a cave diving instructor, experimented with other options for non-directional markers that would be durable and stay on the line. While working at a dive shop in Mexico, Daniel found a solution using a plastic disk and refined it over several versions. They became popular and eventually Dive Rite purchased the idea to begin mass producing a commercial version of the line cookie.

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