Kraken Hydra 1500 Plus WSR

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The Kraken Hydra 1500 WSR (Wide, Spot, Red) light is 1500 lumens with the ability to use it for back and side lighting as well as having both flood, and spot beams built in to one light.

The Hydra 1500 WSR features are identical to the previous Hydra 1200 WSR model, except they have upgraded the battery to a slightly larger 21700 which upgrades the lumens to 1500.

Kraken Hydra 1500 Plus WSR

Kraken Hydra 1500 Plus WSR
Kraken Hydra 1500 Plus WSR Front View Rear View

With three light modes to choose from, the Kraken Hydra 1500 WSR (Wide, Spot, Red) Plus is ideal for both video and photo shooting, and can also double as a dive light. Wide is typically used for video or back lighting for photos, Spot can be used as a torch, and Red can be used as a focusing light. The Hydra 1500 also has a Auto Flash Off feature, which turns the light off automatically when a strobe is fired. The push button control on the top of the light provides on/off, mode switching and intensity adjustment. The Wide, Spot and Red modes can be set to 100, 50 and 25 percent intensity, and there are also Strobe and SOS modes.

The battery compartment is protected with a double o-ring seal, so flooding is unlikely. However, the head of the Hydra 1500 is sealed so that in the event of an accidental flooding, the battery will likely be inoperable, but the head will still function and the entire light will not need to be replaced. This also allows for easy battery switching between dives. The battery is one 21700 3.7V Li-Ion cell, which is rechargeable with the built in USB-C port.

Included in Box: Hydra 1500 WSR Plus Light, 21700 battery, USB C cable, YS mount, lanyard, and zippered carry case. The 21700 battery has a USB C charge port built in for ease of use, no external charger required.


  • Lumens: 1500 Flood Mode, 800 Spot Mode
  • Output Modes: Flood: 100%/50%/25% Spot: 100%/50%/25% Red: 100%/50%/25% Strobe, And SOS. Auto Flash Off Mode Available On All Flood, Spot, And Red Modes.
  • Color Temp: 5500K Flood, 6500K Spot
  • White Light: CREE XM-L2 U2 5000~5500K x 2
  • Spot Light: CREE XM-L2 U2 6000~6500K x 1
  • Red Light: XB-D N4 620nm x 1
  • Beam Angle: 100 Degrees Flood, 10 Degrees Spot
  • Burn Time: 85 minutes @ 100% Flood Mode
  • Depth Rating: { 330 ft | 100 m }
  • Weight w/ Battery: { 7.2 oz | 205 g } on land, { 3.7 oz | 105 g } underwater
  • Dimensions: { 5.25 x 1.4 in | 13.3 x 3.6 cm }
  • Charge Time: 4 hours from zero
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good functioning light
Feb 15, 2022
It's compact, has enough light, and can switch between FLOOD mode and SPOT mode, so I think it's suitable for a main light for recreational diving or a sub light for photography. For my purposes, the 18650 size lithium battery is more versatile and preferable. Although not mentioned on the product page, two spare O-rings for the battery case were included. (The size of the O-ring seems to be AS568-020) However, unfortunately, the product I got did not light up during use on the third dive. The maximum water depth is 15m (49ft), and the total dive time is less than 2 hours. The day after the failure, I removed the front glass and disassembled the LED unit surface and the spring surface on the battery side. The area around the LED unit was a little wet, and a solid that seemed to be salt had adhered to the largest circuit board inside. It seems to be a failure due to flooding. There are three places where there is a possibility of flooding, the battery case (opening and closing part), the front glass, and the power switch. The double O-ring in the battery case and the O-ring installed under the glass surface are undamaged and appear to be waterproof, so I suspect that the switch may have been flooded. (Due to the structure of the light, the battery case will not be energized unless it comes into contact with the circuit board on the LED side, so the battery case must have been tightened deeply until it came into contact with the circuit board, and it is unlikely that water will enter the battery case.) Since salt sticking due to flooding seemed to be the cause of the failure, I put the circuit board including the LED unit in a citric acid solution and ultrasonically cleaned it to wash away solids such as salt. I reassembled it, but not all the functions were restored. When I turned on the power, it turned on at 100% of FLOOD mode, and immediately dropped to 50%, and that state continued. Now it is used as a flashlight on land. I like the functionality and compactness of this light, so I'm considering buying another one.
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