Highland Tank Straps w/Quick Release SS Cam Buckle (PAIR)

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These Highland Tank Straps make changing tanks quicker and easier

Highland Tank Straps w/Quick Release SS Cam Buckle (PAIR)

Highland Tank Straps on HDG Cylinder
Highland Tank Straps on HDG Cylinder
  • Perfect for 7.25-inch and 8-inch cylinders
  • Replace your tank without having to lift off the BC
  • Easy to close - cinches the strap exceptionally tight
  • Standard {2 in | 5.1 cm} heavy duty nylon webbing
  • Marine grade stainless steel hinge buckle

The Highland Tank Straps w/ Quick Release Cam Buckle has a hoop/buckle feature that allows complete separation of the buckle from the opposite end of the strap. This allows for removing and replacing your tank without having to lift the BC over the tank and jiggle the strap into place, or having to unthread the strap from the buckle. Customer reviews have indicated that the strap may need to be loosened in order to unhook the buckle. The standard { 2 in | 5.1 cm } wide tank strap has a 316 stainless steel buckle with a higher lift, which increases holding force, causing the buckle to snap into place and eliminating unintentional release. The length is adjustable to accommodate 7.25-inch and 8-inch cylinders and include non-slip PADS and protectors. Based on customer feedback, configuring the protector pad on the hook side (as pictured) is more convenient. Sold as a PAIR.

See Product Attachments tab for assembly instructions with photos illustrating how to weave the webbing through cam buckle.

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Great idea, just don't work well for my setup
Jun 13, 2020
Great concept, but a few niggling issues make them less than Ideal for my application: 1. The buckles are long (start to finish) compared to traditional cam buckles. I have 2 trim pockets on the top cam bands so there is hardly any room for the Velcro to hold once the buckles are snapped shup, even with the fixed end pushed tight against one of the trim pockets. 2. As others have noted there is insufficient slack when opened to allow the buckles to be separated so I end up lifting the backplate off the cylinder, which sort of defeats the purpose. 3. Due to the fit as described in (2) above, I have to unthread the straps a little, catch the closing loop & re-tighten before snapping over the cam when putting the tank back on - again, defeats the purpose. 4. Minor issue but when the cam snaps over it ruffles the pad between the cam and the tank making it look creased and untidy - purely cosmetic but I'm particular ;) On the plus side, these buckles do snap over nice and firmly and close with a tight snap. Given the fit on my rig (Al backplate, Wing, Single 100cuft HP steel tank with no STA) I would not buy these again. I'd go back to the traditional cam band or try the Scubapro version (although I've seen divers struggling to get the Velcro on the Scubapros to hold after a while)
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Verified Buyer
Highland Tank Straps
Feb 25, 2019
These work so much better than the standard cam straps. My only regret is that I did not change to the Highland tank straps earlier. DGX is the perfect place to shop for your scuba needs.
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Verified Buyer
Highland Tank Straps, Quick Release w/ Cam Buckle
Feb 10, 2017
Well made quality product, although a bit expensive. Would like another 2 inches of strap for steel 95s. Would prefer rollers on the buckle and a denser pad, as found on other manufacturer's equipment, under the buckle. Strangely the instructions are to put the pad on the buckle side of the strap - better to put on the clasp side. I haven't dived with mine yet, but others report having to loosen the strap to remove the tank; that would be most annoying and unlikely as usually straps stretch when wet. Could always grind down the lip of the clasp 1/4" if necessary.
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Verified Buyer
Works great. My wife and
Aug 28, 2016
Works great. My wife and I love them!!
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Verified Buyer
Quality Straps
Mar 21, 2016
Nice set of straps. You do have to loosen them a little bit to unhook them, but they are far easier to swap out a tank then the non-releasing type where you have to lift your harness over the tank.
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Verified Buyer
Great product
Jan 20, 2016
For a few years now I've been wanting this type of straps but wasn't able to find them. As a public safety diver it is a great time saver when it comes to putting you gear together.
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So far, not what I was hoping for
Jul 28, 2015
I was really tired of fighting my cam bands to slide them up and down my tanks. These QR straps seemed like they would make attaching my BP/W to my tanks so much easier. I have now used them on one trip to my local quarry and 3 days of boat charters. Maybe I'm just still getting them dialed in, but here is what I am experiencing so far: - When they are fully open, they still don't open far enough for me to just unhook them and open them. I pretty much always (so far) end up feeding the strap end back through the buckle and loosening the strap some to get it to unhook, or I just lift the BP/W up and off the tank, just like I had to do with my old cam bands. At least these QR straps open up more, so they are a lot easier to slide up and down my tanks. - the tank protector pads are pretty fiddly. I always end up futzing around with them to get them positioned properly to actually be between the buckle and the tank but not getting chewed up by the buckle when I close it. I think I read another review where the person cut off about half of the hook, to make it easier to unhook the strap and open it. I may have to try that. I would definitely like these a lot better if I didn't have to unthread any of the strap from the buckle when I want hook or unhook the straps.
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