Highland Giant { 10 ft | 3.1 m } SMT w/All-Mesh Sleeve, Orange

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Highland Giant { 10 ft | 3.1 m } SMT w/All-Mesh Sleeve, Orange

Highland Giant { 10 ft | 3.1 m } SMT w/All-Mesh Sleeve, Orange

Highland Orange Giant { 10 ft | 3.1 m } SMT
Highland Orange Giant { 10 ft | 3.1 m } SMT

For those who are really serious about being seen at a distance, nothing is going to work better than the Highland Giant Surface Marker Buoy. This is BIG, 10 feet tall and 22-inches in circumference. It's large enough to greatly enhance diver visibility, yet compact enough to carry easily. There are three large bands of U.S Coast Guard approved 3M SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) reflective tape to enhance surface visibility in marine environments. The marker includes a stainless steel D-ring at the top to attache a strobe and also has an elastic loop to hold a chemical light stick. A hybrid design, it includes both a baffled bottom for anti-spill power inflation at depth and an oral inflator for surface deployment. The hybrid marking tube includes an over pressure valve to allow excess gas to vent during ascent and/or to deflate the bag before boarding the boat. Available in ANSI safety orange, each marking tube also includes its own built-in carrying sleeve. Although the marking tube should NOT be used as a lift bag, for emergency purposes a full tube may be considered to have approximately 75 lbs of lift. Includes a special wider 6.5-inch X 14-inch all-mesh carry sleeve for backplate attachment.

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What Color is Your Parachute Bag?

Studies done in the transportation sector prove the best color for high visibility worker clothing is fluorescent safety orange because that color is the most visible from the greatest distance. A fluorescent yellow-green color, while not as visible at distance, offers better night visibility and is also a better choice for signage because it provides more contrast for lettering.

Some groups of divers have informally assigned meaning to bag color. Shooting an orange bag or marker is supposed to indicate a normal situation to surface support. The appearance of a yellow color may mean that the diver has an abnormal situation and requires assistance from the surface. However, there is no color standard along with considerable confusion about color.

Our recommendations: If visibility is most important, then orange is proven by far to be the best color choice for distance visibility during daylight hours. Choose yellow for night visibility, or for a day and night compromise we offer a marking tube that is yellow on one side and orange on the other. We respectfully suggest reconsidering any dive plan which depends on the color of a bag to signal for help.


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