High Pressure Miflex2 HD Carbon Hose

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The Miflex2 HD Carbon high pressure hose is a third thinner and much more flexible when compared to rubber hose.

High Pressure Miflex2 HD Carbon Hose

High Pressure Miflex2
High Pressure Miflex2
  • Double-braiding resists snags and abrasions
  • Kink resistant Kevlar layer - chromed brass fittings
  • Unique "shock absorbers" for impact resistance
  • Ultra THIN diameter - UV resistant - Nitrox Ready
  • 7/16-inch male to 1st stage - 7/16-inch female to SPG

The Miflex2 HD Carbon high pressure hose is a third thinner and much more flexible when compared to rubber hose. This version offers increased impact resistance, with specially developed shock absorbers fitted during manufacture to each end of the hose. This improves accidental impact resistance plus acts as a centering sleeve in consoles and boots. The extreme performance double braided flex SCUBA hoses manufactured by Miflex2™ are subjected to more than 30 individual performance and safety automated tests. All Miflex2 high pressure SCUBA hoses have chromed brass fittings and are certified to conform to the EN 250 standard with an exceptional burst pressure rating of {29000 PSI | 2000 BAR}. All these HP hoses are Nitrox Ready.

The typical HP hose is a 7/16-inch male at the end that screws into the first stage HP port and a 7/16-inch female swivel at the end that screws on to the SPG. Our most popular HP hoses are {24 in | 61 cm} long for doubles, {26 in | 66 cm} long for singles, and {30 in | 76 cm} long for consoles.

All high pressure hoses use an 'air spool' with two tiny o-rings to mate the swivel connector on the hose to the fitting on the gauge. With a worn or missing air spool, any HP hose will LEAK at the swivel. The air spool is not included with the hose but we recommend replacing the air spool when replacing the hose. The standard spool has the flange in the center as pictured but a few SPGs, typically the plastic body ones, may only accept a spool without a shoulder in which case you will have to reuse the air spool from the SPG.

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Brand XS Scuba
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Customer Reviews

Choosing the Best Primary SPG Hose Length

For most recreational divers, the common high-pressure hose length of { 32 in | 81.3 cm } is long enough to be run under the left arm, across the chest and clipped off on the right shoulder D-ring. A few divers with a large chest, or who like to hold their instruments well out from their body when reading, require a longer hose length of { 42 in | 106.7 cm }. Some recreational divers seeking very streamlined configurations are routing their HP hose with a compact SPG over their left shoulder in the same manner they route their BC hose and those divers are using HP hose lengths as short as { 24 in | 61 cm } and even { 21 in | 53.3 cm }.

Technical divers almost always carry a standalone SPG clipped off to the left waist D-ring. For use with double cylinder configurations, the typical HP hose length is { 24 in | 61 cm }, although some divers find that length slightly too short. It's almost always too short when used with a single cylinder configuration. Many divers clipping to their waist D-ring find a HP hose length of { 26 in | 66 cm } to work well with both singles and doubles. Cave and wreck divers also remove the SPG boot for the same reason they remove the cylinder boot, because the boot surfaces have been known to ratchet divers into tight spots, making extraction difficult.